Chief Minister Chouhan planted saplings of Karanj and Gulmohar

New Delhi : Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted saplings of Karanj and Gulmohar in Smart City Park along with Shri Rajendra Madan, Smt. Vimal Madan and Shri Sachin Madan of Parv Foundation committed to making a plastic free state and working in this direction.

In order to encourage the participation of the society in the activities of environmental protection, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan does plantation every day with the organisations and individuals active for environmental protection in the state. The representatives of the organisation presented a set of dona-pattal made of leaves to the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan.

The members of the organisation informed Chief Minister Shri Chouhan about the activities of the organisation. Parv Foundation is working in the field of skill development. For the last two years, this organisation has given training to about 200 people in the manufacture of dona-pattal from leaves and gau kashta from cow dung.

The organisation believes that in place of plastic plates and bowls, the use of plastic can be reduced to a great extent by using plates and bowls made of leaves. Through this medium, this organisation is also active in the direction of making villagers and tribal brothers and sisters self-reliant by providing maximum employment. The organisation is conducting its activities in Betul.

Karanj is useful from medical and environmental point of view. Gulmohar is considered one of the most beautiful trees in the world. Flowers blooming in big bunches between the leaves of Gulmohar give a distinct attraction to this tree. In summer, instead of leaves, Gulmohar trees are laden with flowers. It is also rich in medicinal properties.

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