#Chhattisgarh Govt pays 71.93 lakhs to railways for 9 trains so far; 11 thousand 946 workers to return in these 9 trains


Raipur: On the directions of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, 21 special trains have been arranged to bring back home students, workers, and distressed people in need of medical care, who are stranded in other states due to lockdown.
Chhattisgarh Labour Minister Dr Shivkumar Dahariya said that the decision has been taken by the state government to bring back migrant workers hailing from Chhattisgarh, who are stuck due to lockdown in other states through these 21 trains. The process has also started from May 11.
According to the information received from the nodal officers by the Chhattisgarh Bhawan and other construction workers welfare board constituted under the Labor Department on the direction of the Chief Minister, so far six railway divisions have been paid a total of Rs 71 lakh 93 thousand 230 for bringing back 11 lakh 946 workers in 9 trains. The labour minister said that of these 21 special trains, two trains from Ahmedabad to Bilaspur, one train from Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh to Bilaspur, one train from Amritsar Punjab to Champa one, Viramgam Ahmedabad to Bilaspur Champa one train, Lucknow to Uttar Pradesh to Raipur, three trains to Lucknow Two trains to Bhatapara, one train from Muzaffarpur Bihar to Raipur, one train from Delhi to Bilaspur, Mehsana Gujarat to Bilaspur Ch Npa a train, Lingampalli Hyderabad Telangana fortification, Bilaspur one train via Rajnandgaon, Bilaspur one train from Hyderabad Telangana to Durg Raipur, Delhi to Bilaspur-Raipur one train, Kheda Nadiad Gujarat to Bilaspur-Champa one train, Sabarmati Ahmedabad to Bilaspur-Champa one train, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh to Bilaspur, Bantapara , Raipur, Durg one train and Allahabad Uttar Pradesh to Bilaspur, Bhatapara, Raipur, Durg two trains.
He said that 1208 workers from Gujarat-Ahmedabad to Bilaspur train have returned to Chhattisgarh. Similarly, 1212 laborers from Sabarmati to Bilaspur train, 1210 laborers from Viramgam-Raipur train, 1200 laborers from Mehsana-Bilaspur train, 1400 laborers from Delhi to Raipur train, 1584 laborers from Lucknow to Bhatapara Raipur train, 1710 labourers to Kheda Nadiad to Champa train, 1222 workers will return from Sabarmati to Champa train and 1200 workers from Amritsar Punjab to Champa special train. The state government has also released online link for travel in these trains –
By applying on this link, people will be able to return to Chhattisgarh through these trains. Apart from this, 24-hour helpline number 0771-2443809, 91098-49992, 75878-21800, 75878-22800, 96858-50444, 91092-83986 and 88277-73986 can be contacted.