#Chhattisgarh CM writes to PM, requests approval for Rs 30 thousand crore packages soon

Raipur: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has once again requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide financial assistance of Rs 30 thousand crore to the state in the next three months, saying that the immediate disbursal of the package will help in restoring the states economy.
The chief minister, in his letter written to the prime minister, reiterated that financial assistance of Rs 10,000 crore should be given immediately from this package to get the state’s economy back on track. He said that if this economic package is not approved, then due to the economic crisis, normal operations of the state will not be possible. The immediate package will help in making decision at state level regarding financial assistance being given to industries, businesses, workers, farmers and other activities.
The Chief Minister said that an unprecedented crisis has arisen due to Covid-19 virus in the country and every effort is being made by the Central and State Governments to deal with this serious crisis with complete solidarity.
The state has completed 48 days of complete lockdown till May 8. Still, with the continuous increase in the number of new cases of the Covid-19 virus, it seems that the chances of complete control or elimination of this epidemic in the near future are extremely low.
Mr Baghel said that so far the prevalence of corona virus in Chhattisgarh is comparatively better than other states. The entire system to deal with the disaster in the state is being strengthened as much as possible. Due to the long period of lockdown, all kinds of economic activities in the state have been badly affected, causing livelihood crisis for lakhs of families. In view of the present situation of Corona virus infection, limited economic activities have been started by dividing the districts into Red, Orange and Green zones by the Government of India.
The Chief Minister said that the practical difficulty in determining the different zones from the level of the Government of India is that there is a full possibility of new infected people in the green zone immediately after the determination of the zones. In such a situation, if it is brought back to the Red Zone, then some of the economic activities that have started will stop again. If any economic activity is stopped once after a long wait, then it will increase dissatisfaction and there will be a situation of uncertainty.
Presently there is also uncertainty as to what will be the situation regarding the lockdown after 17 May. In order to eliminate all these uncertainties, the need is that we take all possible precautions and start economic activities gradually. In such a situation, it would be appropriate that full powers should be delegated to the states for carrying out various economic activities within the state.
If the state is not approved a package of Rs. 30 thousand crore in the next 3 months, then due to the economic crisis, the normal working of the state will not be possible. Chief Minister Baghel has again requested Prime Minister to provide early approval on the suggestions being given by the state so that normal life can be restored at the earliest.