Chhattisgarh CM asked about well-being of people in quarantine center, interacted with Collector and Sarpanch



Raipur: Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today asked about health and well-being of people staying in various quarantine centers of Dhamtari, Durg, Sarguja, Bilaspur and Bastar, and interacted with Collectors and Sarpanchs through , to video conferencing.
During the interaction, Chief Minister directed the officials to ensure that none of the people staying in quarantine centers face any inconvenience. They should be provided proper facilities. Chief Minister said that people from other places who are hiding their identities and not providing required information to the administration, will be subjected to strict action. To prevent infection, it is necessary to keep people coming from outside in quarantine centers, to do their regular health checkups and to provide them required treatment. Forest, Environment and Housing Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar and School Education-Cooperatives Minister Dr Premsai Singh Tekam and Additional Chief Secretary of Chief Minister Mr. Subrat Sahu were also present on the occasion. Meanwhile, Chief Minister spoke to Baastar District Collector, Nodal Officer of Sakri Quarantine Center, and Sarpanch of Pratapgarh Gram Panchayat of Sarguja and praised them for good arrangements and their dedication to make the most of this opportunity to serve.
During his interaction with people staying in quarantine centers, Chief Minister asked people who had worked outside to provide information to the district administration in the given form. This will help in providing them jobs as per their skills. Mr. Kedar Sahu, staying in Minimata Quarantine Centre in Bilaspur, told that he has returned from Solapur Maharashtra and he used to work there as mason. He told that he has returned to Chhattisgarh seven days back. Chief Minister asked him about the centre and he told that all the facilities in the centre are up to the mark, they get food, snacks and tea on time. Chief Minister also asked about the health and well-being of people in the centre, and if they have symptoms of fever, cough or cold. Mr. Sahu informed that none of the 125 people staying in centre have complaint of such symptoms. Chief Minister asked about their routine, to which Mr. Sahu responded that the centre has carom board, radio and TV set for entertainment. Ladies enjoy TV serials and children and men keep themselves busy with carom. Doctors visit twice a day for health checkup. They thanked Chief Minister for the facilities. Chief Minister spoke to nodal officer of this centre as well.
Nirmala in Kumharvand quarantine center of Jagdalpur told that she has returned from Hariyana and she used to work at a textile shop. Chief Minister asked her about her health. She said she is well and has no health problems. The centre has proper food, snacks and entertainment facility. Nirmala thanked Chief Minister for facilitating trains for their return. Jagdalpur resident Mr. Rajgopal Patnaik is also staying in the same center. He told that he had gone to Navrangpur Odisha on March 19 and has returned on May 29 after two months. He said that all the facilities are proper and they are facing no inconvenience.
Mr. Bablu Kashyap informed that he had gone to Kerala three months back, where he used to do centering work. He has returned via bus. Chief Minister asked him about the expenditure on traveling via bus. He said that he had spent nearly Rs 8 thousand on the journey. Chief Minister directed Collector Bastar to ensure payment to the ones who have returned. Mr. Kashyap also affirmed the availability of all kinds of facilities in the center. Collector Bastar told that centers in Bastar is accommodating 6900 people. Regular check up of each one is being done. Three corona positive people have recovered and returned from Medical College Jadgalpur. Chief Minister also interacted with Dhamtari resident Dani Ram in quarantine center at Devri School, who thanked Chief Minister for all the arrangements at the center. Chief Minister affectionately spoke to Dani Ram’s daughter Payal and son Hunendra. Dani Ram told that doctors and teachers at the center take care of them and their children.