CFAR Organises Media Consultation on the Issues and Challenges of Domestic Workers


Bhubaneswar: Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), Bhubaneswar a national level NGO working for the slum dwellers and domestic workers in the State today organised a media consultation on the “Issues and Challenges of the Domestic Workers in Odisha” at CYSD, Bhubaneswar. About 50 domestic workers from different slum area including Kargil Basti, Palaspalli and Kelasahi participated in the consultation and shared their plight and demanded from Govt. of Odisha to recognize “domestic worker” as “labourer” and to bring legislation to protest their right.

The media consultation was started with the welcome address and objective sharing of the media consultation by Rosalin Pattanaik, the Project Coordinator of CFAR.

The domestic workers who participated in the media consultation sharing their various issues and challenges they face in their day to day life. They shared that they are facing problems i.e., low wage, physical and mental torture and harassment by the employers. They further demanded that the Govt. of India should immediately invoke Article 252 of the constitution and the State should urgently bring proper mechanism to register and regulate the work of Domestic Workers and the employers in the State. They also demanded to provide all social security measures being provided by the National and State Govt to the domestic workers, to provide a grievance redress mechanism for the workers. Further they demanded that the wage should be fixed at Rs.75/- per hour, Pension after the age of 60 @ Rs.3000/- per month and 1% house tax should be collected for the Board of Domestic workers etc.

Joining as one of the panelist in the discussion, senior Journalist Rabi Das shared that “there are 40 million domestic workers in India coming from most venerable sections of our society who are mostly working in the urban areas. But it is regretted that there is no record on them at the Govt. of Odisha.” Supporting their demand he urged the Govt. of Odisha to bring strong legislation to regulate the work of the registration of Domestic workers as well as of the employers. He further said that in the last three years, the Central Govt. by framing 4 Labour Codes and dismissing about 44 Labour Codes (which used to better protect the interest of such workers) further undermines the rights of the Domestic Workers of the country, Govt. of India has further squeeze the rights and protective measures of the Domestic workers.”

Participating in the Media Consolation, Mr. Sudaersan Chhotarai, reporter emphasized on formation of State Domestic Workers Board and Labour Cell within the Board and also emphasized on the registration of all the domestic workers and employers in the State.

Amongst others who participated in the media consolation are social worker Sachikant Pradhan, Madhusmita Behera from YUBA, Parilata Mohaptra from SEWA, Ranjulata Mohapatra(Basti Unnyan Parishad) etc. At the end of the Programme Bana Jyoshna Parida gave vote of thanks to all the guest and participants of the Media Consultation.