Central University of Odisha celebrates Tulsidas Jayanti


The Central University of Odisha, Koraput celebrated the birth anniversary of great poet Tulsidas (Tulsidas Jayanti) on 28 August 2023 at its campus, Sunabeda. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi presided over the programme and spoke on the importance of Tulsidas on contemporary life. He said “Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas is a timeless work that offers insights into human nature, ethics, and spirituality. While it was composed in the 16th century, its themes and teachings remain relevant to contemporary life”. He highlighted the ways value and ethics, leadership and governance, family and relationship, Selfless Service, overcoming challenges, Unity and Diversity, resolving conflicts and Environmental Stewardship in which the Ramcharitmanas can be interpreted and applied to modern times. Speaking on Values and Ethics he said “the Ramcharitmanas emphasizes virtues like truth, compassion, and righteousness. In today’s world, where ethical dilemmas and moral challenges are prevalent, the teachings of Lord Rama can guide individuals to make ethical decisions”.

Dr. Chakradhar Padhan, Associate Professor of Hindi delivered the special lecture on Tulsidas’ Ramacharitamanas and other Ramyans in Regional Languages of the Indian Subcontinent. Prof. Hemraj Meena, Director of Hindi Cell delivered the welcome address and coordinated the programme.

On this occasion the University undertakes a valuable initiative to explore the diverse Ramayana traditions among the tribes of Odisha. This initiative will involve research, documentation, cultural preservation, and fostering cross-cultural understanding. In order to preserve and document the Ramayans existing among the tribes of Odisha, the University invited Mr. Deba Santa and Mr. Prahalad Santa of KUWI Community and Mrs. Chandrama Balia of DESIA community to recite Ramayan in their respective languages on the eve of Tulsi Jayanti.

Dignitaries present on the dais spoke on Ramacharitamanas in different vernacular languages. Prof. N. C. Panda, Dean School of Languages and in charge Registrar & Finance Officer spoke on Sanskrit, Prof. Sudhendu Mandal, Advisor-Academic spoke in Bengali, Prof. Vibhas Chandra Jha, Advisor-Administration spoke in Hindi and Dr. Prasant Meshram spoke in Marathi language. Dr. Nirjharini Tripathi, Associate Professor and Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Das, Assistant Professor of English also spoke on this occasion.

Along with the students, research scholars and faculty members Sh. Manmohan Goel, General Manager of NAD, Prof. Srijib Bhusan Bagchi, Visiting Professor; Dr. Rudrani Mohanty, Dr. Kapila Khemundu, Dr. Pradosh Kumar Rath, Dr. Jayanta Kumar Nayak, Dr. Ganesh Prasad Sahu, Dr. Ramendra Kuamr Parhi, Dr. Alok Baral and Dr. Phagunath Bhoi present on this occasion. .


Central University of Odisha