Central Railway’s Butterfly Garden at Wadi Bunder – Another positive step towards a Green, Healthy and Environment friendly Railway

New Delhi :Central Railway has been consistent in its efforts  towards creating an environment friendly atmosphere for its passengers & Public and has implemented various green initiatives across its zone.
The concept of a Butterfly Garden at Wadi Bunder is first its kind in o­n Mumbai Division, Central railway, This initiative by
Mumbai Division in co-ordination with NGO, “Go Shoonya” has turned a former dumping ground inside Wadi Bunder into a beautiful garden with specific species of Flora to attract butterfilies.  This is also a positive attempt at conservation and protection of the endangered species of butterflies.
Spread over a vast area of approximately 2000 square feet, this Butterfly Garden located near the Wadi Bunder,new  Coaching Complex, boasts of a collection of more than 400 species of plants including Dark Blue Tiger (Tirumala Limniace), Blue Mormon, Tawny Rajah (Charaxes Bernardus), Striped Tiger (Danaus Genutia), Orchid Tit, Common Jezebel (Delias Eucharis), Tawny Coster (Acraea Violae) and Restricted Spotted and Flat. Plant species like Champa, Jaswand, Tagar, Ananta, Mogra, Kaner, Lantana, Jamaican spine, Kamini, Lily, Aboli, etc. are which are known to attract butterflies.
There are 150 species of butterflies found in Mumbai.  An important element in the food production cycle, butterfly is nature’s best colorful creation. The Butterfly garden is a combination of plants that can host a butterfly through its life cycle and also provide it nectar from flowers. The butterfly Garden with several indigenous and fragrant species of flowering plants for the butterflies is also a treat for nature lovers. The Garden also has Jet watering facilities to provide a vibrant atmosphere.
As part of its contribution towards a Greener Earth, Central Railway has also set up Herbal Gardens at CSMT and Igatpuri and a Miyawaki Forest at LTT. 
Boasting of a collection of approximately more than 120 and 470 different species of herbal plants and shrubs, the Herbal Garden at CSMT and Igatpuri, which is o­ne of its kind  includes herbs like Ashwagandha, Adusa, Ajwain, Apamarg, Bramhi, Elachi, Menthol mint, Pepper, Shatavari, Tulsi , Anjeer, Turmeric, Insulin, Gudmar, Tej patt, Bringraj, Sarpa gandha, Giloi, Clove etc  which are effective remedy against a number of diseases and ailments.
Central Railway has also taken up 1000 Miyawaki plantation activity o­n Mumbai division o­n 250 square meter area at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. Miyawaki is a fast growing dense plantation system in which about 3 to 4 saplings are planted per square metre. 
In addition to improving the bio-diversity, these plants also help in increasing the oxygen level and reducing the air and noise pollution and  is yet another environmental initiative to address climate change and to reduce carbon footprint.
Central Railway has always been at the forefront of preserving and nurturing nature and its horticulture department has been the winner of several awards and trophies in various plants and flowers exhibitions. This initiative is another important step towards a greener and healthy Railway.

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