CEAT launches new campaign for Milaze X3 – The 1 lakh KM tyre

New Delhi: CEAT Ltd – India’s leading tyre manufacturer recently launched a new campaign for its flagship tyre Milaze X3. The ad aims in communicating the benefits of Milaze X3’s longevity that allows consumers to focus on other upgrades for their cars. The Milaze X3 tyres are designed to be highly fuel efficient and durable giving up to 1 Lakh KM when tested under standard test condition.

Basis insights, the campaign depicts a few real-life situations wherein consumers can opt for their favourite upgrades for their cars. This could be about making those perfect cosmetic changes such as stickers, flags, car paints, upgrading their vehicle headlamps, seat covers or even a mini fridge. Tyres which are a vital requirement for a safer and comfortable drive is always last in the shopping list. However with the Milaze X3 car owners can now be assured of not replacing them for a long while.

Mr Nitish Bajaj – Vice President – Marketing, CEAT Ltd said, “Our Milaze X3 brand campaign has been created to generate consumer awareness and promote the benefits of a tyre that Lasts 1,00,000 km and beyond. This campaign has been conceptualized basis consumer insights that consumers want to accessorise / personalize their vehicles but seldom do they think about the tyres and hence CEAT created the Milaze X3 tyre which significantly delays the need for a tyre replacement owing to its new generation tread compound and CEAT’s cutting edge technology making it a hassle free and a long term purchase for their foreseeable future.”

According to Mr. Kiran Anthony, ECD, Ogilvy and Mather, “It’s a joy when a brand allows you to break the category codes, and I congratulate our partners at CEAT for doing that. For the first time, on mainstream television advertising, CEAT is not showcasing a tyre in action. It is an exception that mirrors the product promise of 1,00,000 km which is extraordinary in itself. For the agency as well as the brand, every campaign is akin to laying a brick in our brand personality. With MILAZE-X3, it was easy to fall in the trap of being clever; to exaggerate, to play on long-life, to go gimmicky. In fact, it is a bigger challenge to be relevant, and be insightful. We’re glad we found a good insight, and stayed true to our brand personality, which is always set in a human truth.”

Milaze X3 tyres have a new generation tread compound that brings in optimised shoulder depth as well as rigid shoulder blocks. These together give the tyre a longer life. The higher groove depth of tyres also provides high resistance. Tyres also ensure superior load distribution that offers improved riding comfort for safer and pleasant travel. Milaze X3 is available across most segments of passenger vehicles including hatchbacks, sedans and SUV.


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