Burlang Yatra: Burlang Bio-diversity Festival, 2020

Burlang The famous Burlang Yatra for the current year named Burlang Bio-diversity Festival, 2020 was held on 13th March, 2020 at the tribal dominated Burlubaru village (Belaghar G.P) of Tumudibandh block in Kondhmal district with a gathering of more than seven hundred women farmers, male farmers from three blocks of the district-Tumudibandha, Kotagarh and Phiringia, along with dignitaries including eminent farmers, CBO and NGO members. The festival was organised by Burlubaru Committee and supported by NIRMAN, MINI and CWS
The exhibition-cum-exchange of seeds (paddy, pulses, millets, vegetables) and roots kick-stared with the women farmers carrying decorated earthen pots filled with indigenous seeds, roots and herbs proven conducive to the agro-climatic conditions of the area and dancing to the beats of drums, horn and cymbal in their traditional manner.
The dignitaries expressed their views on the significance of conserving and sowing the indigenous varieties of seeds being resilient to the climatic condition and suitable for traditional method of agriculture, which does not require the hazardous chemical fertilisers and pesticides for the growth of the crop. The Chairmen of Tumudibandha block reiterated that the millets based mixed farming and crop diversification has resulted in increasing the months of food security compared to previous months in the earlier years. Shri D. Narayan lamented that the farmers having low bargaining capacity do not find agriculture with traditional method very profitable.
While a wide varieties of indigenous and endangered seeds of millets such as suan (little millet), foxtail millet, jowar, ragi (finger millets) as well as roots were displayed at the exhibition they were also exchanged between farmers.
The prominent dignitaries at the event included eminent farmer Ms. Rakhi Ghosh, Journalist, Bhubaneswar, Chairperson of Kotagarh block Ms. Sabita Mallick, Chairperson of Tumudibandha block Mr. Prakash Chandra Patra, Executive Director of NIRMAN Mr. Prasant Mohanty, Shri D. Narayan, noted Organic farmer, Mr. Sabyasachi Hanuman, District Coordinator of Kandhamal District, Odisha Millet Mission, Mr. Mineswar Badset, Managing Director of LAMPCS of Belghar, and Programme Director of NIRMAN, Mr Suresh Chandra Bisoyi.

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