Bright future ahead for Indian newspapers: Professor Subir Ghosh

Dhenkanal: Indian Institute of Mass Communication Dhenkanal on Tuesday organised a special lecture on ‘Future of Newspapers in India’ on the occasion of Indian Newspapers Day here on the campus. Speaking on this occasion, senior media academician Professor Subir Ghosh said that Indian newspaper Industry has a bright future ahead as with the increase of literacy rate, the number of newspaper readers will rise rapidly in India.
“Around a fourth of India’s population is yet to receive primary education. When these people are educated, they will start consuming newspapers. Though the Digital Media is catching up real fast, it will not be able to dominate the news industry until a hundred percent internet penetration and digital literacy becomes a reality. Till then, there is no existential crisis for the newspapers,” he opined.
Sambit Pal, Asst. Professor spoke about the technological and content-wise developments in the print media industry.
On this occasion, students belonging to the North Eastern States delivered presentations about the history and current status of the newspaper industry in their respective state. Animesh Deb and Athoibee explained about the status of print media in Assam and Manipur respectively.
Indian Newspapers Day is celebrated on 29th January to commemorate the beginning of publication of the first Indian newspaper Hicky’s Bengal Gazette or the Original Calcutta General Advertiser. The English language weekly, founded by James Augustus Hicky in 1780, was also the first newspaper printed in Asia.