BRAVE HEART AWARDED at Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, HQ


Sambalpur: On the occasion of the 70th Republic Day celebration at Mahanadi Coalfields Limited HQ, Burla, Samablpur Shri JP Singh ,Director Technical (Operation) the Chief Guest accorded Shri. Mohan Mandal with Bravery award for his act of Bravery as he saved life of his fellow worker on the chilly morning of 26th December 2018.

On 26th December 2018, it was a normal routine at Lakhanpur Open Cast Project, Lakhanpur Area, Jharsuguda, when suddenly the mine workers at Quarry 4 coal face started shouting for help as one of the pay loaders accidentally slid into the water sump. Hearing the crowd gathered around the edge, Mohan Mandal (36), a payloader operator rushed to the spot to see what was the hush all about. As soon as he reached, he found that one pay loader was almost drowned into the freezing water. Without giving it a second thought, he immediately jumped into the water to rescue the operator (Manoj Biswal) who was stuck in the cabin and struggling to find his way out, Mohan then reached out to Manoj and pulled him out of the water.

This act of his was recognized by the fellow miners and MCL authorities, as he was now a role model to all of his fellow miners. Everyone appreciated the act of bravery shown by Shri. Mohan Mandal.

Mohan Mandal, resident of Madhubani, Bihar has been working in mining industry for over 8 years and enjoys indulging in physical activities like cycling, fishing and football. It is his health that enabled him to successfully rescue the drowning operator on a chilly morning.

It is an act of selflessness and everybody should come forward to help those in need of help, without giving it a second thought as Rescue is an Impulse, not a Decision.