Boy from Mirzapur now owns dream home in Mumbai after winning the Jio Cricket Play Along 2018 Grand Prize!

Mumbai: For most it takes a lifetime to build a dream home brick by brick; this Mirzapur youth – Gaurav Kumar, built it ball by ball in one T20 cricket season. These are the unique experiences being brought to Indians by Jio Digital Life!
This year too Jio Cricket Play Along brings an exciting engaging experience and an opportunity to win big – Khelo Cricket, Jio Cricket!
In a world where it takes most people a lifetime to build their dream home brick by brick, a boy from Mirzapur – Gaurav Kumar, has built it ball by ball in one cricketing season by relentlessly playing Jio Cricket Play Along during the T20 cricket season in 2018. Gaurav Kumar, from the carpet crafting town of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, won the grand prize at Jio Cricket Play Along 2018 which was a 1BHK flat in the fast developing Palava City at Dombivali, Mumbai.
This year too Jio Cricket Play Along encourages cricket fans to engage with this unique Jio Digital Life experience by playing and winning exciting prizes during the T20 cricket season.
Gaurav Kumar’s winning moments are available for all to see at The film beautifully captures Garuav’s and his family’s excitement and emotions on winning the grand prize in the previous year’s edition of Jio Cricket Play Along.
“Not in my wildest dreams had I imagined winning a house in Mumbai!” says an elated Gaurav in the beginning of the film. “There were days when I had to answer 200 to 300 questions on the app. Some days had two matches – one at 4 p.m., the other at 8 p.m. so I would even end up skipping dinner” says Gaurav to reiterate his relentless play during the last season to win this grand prize.
“I got this house because of Jio, I am feeling excited”, says Kumar in the film. “Now that our son has won this house because of Jio… Our luck has taken a turn!” says an emotional and happy Gaurav’s mother while visiting the home in Mumbai. “I never thought we could get a house in Mumbai, can’t explain my feelings,” says Gaurav Kumar during his trip to Mumbai to receive the keys to the house.
Jio Cricket Play Along:
Jio Cricket Play Along brought people together to celebrate the most loved sport in the country by turning spectators into participants, getting India closer to Cricket, their favourite teams and players. The application allows players to answer on MyJio App what will happen ball-by-ball in-sync with the match broadcast. The correct answers enable a player to earn points. Additionally, the players can answer trivia questions and earn points by selecting the correct answers.
Users can engage with Jio Cricket Play Along on their mobile screens while matches are broadcast live on television. The concept is based on the fundamental principle of interactivity to ensure that viewers could not only watch their favourite cricket contest but could also be a part of the same by predicting the outcome of the live match in real-time. The game is available to both Jio and Non-Jio subscribers. Users need to download MyJio application and they are ready to play the game. Players can test their knowledge of cricket while predicting real-time outcomes and accumulate points for every correct prediction.
Highest scorers for every match as well as the overall top scorers are rewarded.
Jio Cricket Play Along – Khelo Cricket JioCricket 2019
Jio Cricket Play Along is an exciting interactive concept which lets you enjoy a cricket play-along game during cricket matches scheduled for broadcasting from March 23, 2019 to May 05, 2019.

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