Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister

London: Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister . UK PM Boris Johnson confirms he will be stepping down and that his Conservative party will elect a new leader and Prime Minister

“I am immensely proud of my achievements, I will continue till a new leader is in place,” said UK PM Boris JohnsonPM Boris Johnson says the UK will continue to back Ukrainians’ fight for freedom “for as long as it takes”, as he announces his resignation.

The Conservative leader was confronted at various points by members of his cabinet telling him it was time to go. Bowing to the pressure, Mr Johnson announced outside Downing Street to quit as Conservative leader but said he will continue to serve as Prime Minister until the party chooses his successor. Mr Johnson said, it is clearly now the will of Conservative MPs that there should be a new leader. He said the process of choosing new leader should begin now. In a tweet, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Justin Tomlinson said that Johnson’s resignation was inevitable.

Labour party said Johnson cannot stay on as PM, otherwise they will try to bring a no confidence vote in Parliament.

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