Book ‘Mapping Memory in the Wake of the Posthuman: India, Canada and the World’ unveiled at IIT Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar has organized a book launch cum reading circle on 15th September 2023. Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar has unveiled the book titled ‘Mapping Memory in the Wake of the Posthuman: India, Canada and the World’, edited by Dr. Punyashree Panda, Associate Professor of English of the Institute.
Published by Bloomsbury India, this book delves into the concept of the Posthuman and its relevance in today’s world. It explores how the Posthuman impacts Memory and Post-memory, and the role of nonhumans and humans in this new era. The book examines how these interactions between the Posthuman and Memory affect long held normative categories such as gender, sexuality, and humanity’s relationship with animals, cyborgs, and AI-enabled individuals. The book also examines how democratic nation-states like India and Canada are responding to the consequences of these interactions, and where the world as a whole, stands in this context. Overall, this volume aims to map the terrain of Memory in the era of the Posthuman, with a focus on India, Canada, and the global perspective.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar appreciated the editor of the book Dr. Punyashree Panda for taking up the subject and dealing with it with from a different perspective.
Among others, Prof. Sujit Roy, Dean-Continuing Education and Dr. Akshaya Kumar Rath, Associate Professor-English also spoke on the occasion and congratulated Dr. Panda for her achievement. Dr. Punyashree Panda shared her inspiration behind publishing the book and her experience throughout this journey.
The Book Launch cum Reading Circle was organized by the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management.

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