Bomkai Silk day observation at 17th National Handloom Expo 2020

Bhubaneswar: Bomkai Silk day observation at 17th National Handloom Expo 2020 .
Odisha, the land of art and culture is world famous for its handloom and handicraft products since centuries. Even today, Odisha is considered as one of the major handloom concentrated states in India. Handloom products of Odisha are recognised all over the country and abroad for their highly artistic and intricate designs, colour combination and durability.
Bomkai Silk and Cotton sarees, Sambalpuri and Sonepuri Saree,
Berhempuri Phoda Kumbha Saree, Tassar Saree, Scarf, double and single bedsheet are the famous handloom products of Odisha. Bomkai Silk Sarees and dress materials are very famous in all over India for its excellent workmanship, design and colour combination.
The Bomkai Handloom is originated from a small village called Bomkai in Patrapur, Tahsil of Ganjam district in Odisha. Originally it was woven with coarser cotton yarn. According to the place of its original creation, it is called as “Bomkai Handlooms”. The characteristic of this traditional Bomkai lies in stepping and shaft formula and regular motif remain the same in any composition. Uniqueness is that there is no fixed layout for the Anchal
pannels developed by extra weft in various colours. Designs are composed of beautiful motifs including Karela(Bitter gourd), the Kanthiful (small flower), the Atasi Flower, Padma(Lotus), rui rachha (carp fish), Koinchha(tortoise), mayur(Peacock) and Chadei (bird) in geometrical forms.
The design of fish is seen in the saree as it is believed to be a sign of success and affluence. A row of kumbha are favourite border motifs of Bomkai Silk.
The Bomkai designs were developed in the late 80’s and introduced in early 1990’s in the Sonepur handloom cluster. Since then, permutation and combination of designs involving tie & dye and Jalla designs etc. with Bomkai design are practising in the cluster.
Later on, the body design was also developed to make the fabrics
more attractive and zari were used to add value to the fabrics. The weavers from Subarnapur, Boudh and Bolangir District are generally producing cotton and silk saree with ladies dress materials. The Bomkai silk sarees produced by the weavers has a good demand among the handloom lovers.
Bomkai silk saree was a great demand in the wedding of renowned Bollywood couple Abhishek Bachhan and Aishwarya Rai. Modern silk sarees with Bomkai design is popularly known as Bomkai Jalla silk or sonepuri patas. Bomkai silk are produced with Bomkai design woven in handloom using Jalla technique. Bomkai silk fabrics is not confined to geometrical shape and size. Floral, dancing doll, chariot, trees, tortoise, fish, buta and creepers motifs combine with extra design at border with dobby and jalla are developed in Bomkai silk to give attractive look. The weavers producing Bomkai silk fabrics are generally selling their products through nearby Primary Weavers Cooperative Societies and SHGs, Master weavers and in local market. Leading handloom organisation like Boyanika, Utkalika, Serifed and Sambalpuri Bastralaya are also purchasing Bomkai Silk and provide market support to the rural weavers producing Bomkai Silk sarees
and dress materials. State as well as Central Govt. are providing Govt. assistance to the weavers for their socio-economic development.

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