Boman Irani Engages in A Candid Conversation With Neha Dhupia!

New Delhi: Indian households are plagued with myriad of odours that are difficult to get rid of. These pungent smells originate from washrooms, stale food, lingering food smells like spicy masalas (tadka) or fish, or they may be climate related as in the case of musty monsoon odour. Most of us don’t take these malodours seriously and usually brush them off by using age–old methods such as opening windows to facilitate better ventilation or using incense sticks. Sometimes, we experience temporary relief but gradually we become nose-blind to this omnipresent stench. Unfortunately, our visitors are not used to these odours, and they will pick up hints of smells as soon as they enter your homes.
Ambi Pur India’s Brand Ambassador Boman Irani & Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia shared their perspective on how household odours can hamper our day-to-day functioning. The focal point of conversation was how our sense of smell adjusts to the prevailing odours and after sometime we turn nose-blind to them. The three main causes for nose blindness: Lack of awareness, living in denial, lack of seriousness around the issue. We may think that intensive cleaning effort takes care of the odours as well, but a home isn’t truly clean until the air has also been taken care of. Boman Irani went on to explain some of the serious side-effects of foul odours, a recent case in-point being a third party survey commissioned by Ambi Pur in partnership with AC Nielsen. The survey conducted among female respondents across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata where whopping 89%* Indian women felt that lingering odour is a mood spoiler that strains personal relationships and 78%* Indian women confided that they avoid visiting their friends if their home has a lingering, damp smell.

On that note, Neha Dhupia spoke about how nose-blindness is an issue that is not taken seriously – to many people, living with these odours becomes a way of life. Such people rely heavily on quick fix techniques which do not always work. They will use conventional methods such as increasing ventilation, using perfumes/deodorants or lighting incense sticks to rid their homes of any lingering smells. Despite thorough cleaning, a house does not necessarily emanate a fresh ambience. She also brought in the perspective on how, even if you are immune to these smells, any visitor can quickly pick up these smells, which becomes an uncomfortable situation. Agreeing to her point of view, Boman Irani provided her, and everyone else with the New & Improved Ambi Pur with odour-clear as the perfect solution to toughest home odours. Boman didn’t stop at that, he went on to explain how presence of fragrance doesn’t ensure absence of odour, which is the need of the hour. He demonstrated Ambi Pur’s superiority through an experiment using Odour-Clear strips, which proved that Ambi Pur works on a molecular level to truly eliminate odours as opposed to temporarily concealing them. Boman even requested the media to try out this experiment to witness Ambi Pur in action.
Boman Irani, Brand Ambassador for Ambi Pur India, adds “I am extremely cognizant of the impact that foul odours can have on us, our family and our guests. Most of us don’t realize, but the foul smell could wreak havoc by dampening our mood. It just doesn’t stop there, these foul odours could also ruin our impression in front of our guests. It is about time we took these odours seriously and took charge to eliminate them. I trust the New & Improved Ambi Pur with odour-clear technology, as it truly eliminates odours instead of just disseminating some perfume. I have been an ardent fan of Ambi Pur and have been using it for many years, because I have absolute faith in its performance.”

Neha Dhupia added, “The first and the most difficult step about odour elimination is identifying odours and ensuring you are not nose-blind to them. I have come across so many people, who have beautiful homes, but miss out on taking care of the lingering, pesky odours. These odour issues are real, and can be uncomfortable for you as well as your guests. Also, I realized today that just spraying any fragrance is not enough because that will just temporarily conceal odours, only for them to resurface later. Complete odour removal is imperative, and I saw for myself how effective Ambi Pur is at this. I have found a one-stop solution in Ambi Pur, and it is going to become a must-buy in my shopping list”.
Adding more perspective on the technology, Maxim Daled, R&D Expert on Air Care, P&G, shares, “What makes Ambi Pur truly distinct is the formulation and focus on odour removal, not just on emitting the fragrance. Because of our molecular understanding of the odours, we have been able to create a trademarked ‘Odour-clear technology’, which we have brought to India in July. Fighting the odour at a molecular level, neutralizing it completely, and leaving behind a subtle fragrance – this enables Ambi Pur to truly eliminate the toughest household smells, leaving your home feeling fresh and breezy.”
Nidhish Garg, Brand Manager, Home Care India, adds “Ambi Pur’s Smelly to Smiley campaigns aim to create awareness about different types of odours and the negative impact they can have on our overall well-being. We want to spread awareness on how relevant these odours are, and create acceptance because without that, no one seeks a solution. Ambi Pur continues to stand for true odour-elimination, and is the best possible defense against the toughest household odours. At P&G, we believe in not just claiming, but demonstrating the superiority of our products, which is why we have conducted the experiments that showcase Ambi Pur’s superlative performance.”
All Ambi Pur fragrances, including the newly launched Sandalwood fragrance, are available across stores at a price of Rs. 299.
*Claims generated from women who were in agreement with the above statements by a Nielsen survey conducted across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata in June 2017 with a total of 842 respondents. The above are a few excerpts from the survey findings.