Bollywood Diva, Sonakshi Sinha, launches F5 Youth at a specially designed Selfie Experience zone, OPPO Selfie Cafe, in Mumbai

Mumbai: OPPO, the Selfie Expert & Leader, today unveiled the OPPO F5 Youth especially targeted towards the next generation, the youth. The F5 Youth is the first smartphone that sports the FHD+ full screen display model in its price segment here in India and features the groundbreaking A.I. Beauty technology – a technology designed to personalize beautification for subjects on a selfie image, has been designed to meet the demands of the youth of India.Priced at INR 16,990, the F5 Youth will go on sale from December 8thand will be available both on-line and offline.

OPPO F5 Youth edition was launched in the presence of the gorgeous superstar, Sonakshi Sinha, at a specially designed Selfie Experience Zone—OPPO Selfie Cafe in Mumbai. This selfie cafe is a dream come true for all the young selfie lovers. Keeping the youth in mind, OPPO is also sponsoring the most famous music festival, Sunburn. With this association, OPPO wants to connect with their young consumers and give them an opportunity to have a good time and click perfect selfies with OPPO F5.

“Our focus has always been on bringing the best photography and Selfie experience to the Indian consumers, especially the youth. We believe that the youth demands a device that represents them and syncs well with their youthful and fashionable personality. We have been leading the Selfie industry in the Indian market and with the first A.I. Beauty technology in India, we are confident of going further ahead in this journey.” said Sky Li, Global VP, OPPO and President of OPPO India.

The OPPO Selfie Cafes have been installed in Delhi and Mumbai for 3 days (8th, 9th and 10th December) for young consumers to experience and click perfect Selfies across unique and interesting set ups. The Selfie Cafes have been designed to be young, fashionable and colorfulto appeal to the young generation. The consumers have a chance to click selfies with the celebrity during the event.

OPPO and Sunburn had organized a contest, before the event: OPPO Sunburn Angels. This gave female contestants an opportunity to win tickets to the Sunburn festival by uploading their selfies with the hashtag #OPPOSunburnAngels. In this, Winners also joined the F5 Youth event and there it was declared who will go for the festival in Pune. They have a chance to perform in OPPO’s Christmas video.

Selfie Expert Going Smart, Built-in A.I. Find Your Real Beauty Inside Out
Priced more affordably, the OPPO F5 Youthfeatures a high quality 16MP Selfie camera(f/2.0), a 13MB rear camera and anextraordinary 6 inch full-screen of 2160×1080 resolution(FHD+), bringing worthyvisual and mobile Selfie experience. As the well-known Selfie Expert and leader, OPPO is stepping forward and has upgraded the built-in Beautification technology with the smart artificial intelligence and optimizations.

The F5 Youth takes enhanced and natural Selfies that reflect the beauty of the users from inside out. Based on its global human face database and advanced algorithms, OPPO A.I. Beauty Technology can detect the photo shooters’ facialfeaturesinstantly and result in attractive photos as if being clicked by a professional photographer.

With more than 200 facial recognition spots that reference the image against a global database of human faces to learn facial features, shapes and structures, F5 can distinguish each person’s face features from skin tone and type, gender, age and more. After facial recognition, the AI Beauty technology will customize beautify based on one’s features from skin, eyes, lips, to face shape. Along with the Bokeh effects and the HDR backlight optimization, each user can get his or her own Selfie.


Cool Features like Full-screen, Facial Unlock and Back Fingerprint Reader
Through the6 inch full-screen display, the same model on the F5, the users can interact with a widerscreen giving the user a vivid visual enjoyment. It features a high-resolution 2160 x 1080 dpi screen with 18:9 aspect ratio.

The F5 Youth comes with Facial Unlock, the new face recognition technology that will recognize its user and unlock the phone. If the user prefers to use the fingerprint unlock function, the fingerprint reader is now on the back of the phone, giving way to a full front screen.


OPPO DesignContinues and the Smooth-ever ColorOS 3.2
The F5 Youth follows OPPO’s streamlined design philosophy – the sleek unibody offers a visually slim appearance without any cut-offs, with a gracefully curved body that fits well in the palm, expressing a simple and elegant look. A user’s palm will not feel tired even after using the phone for a long time, either from playing games or chatting.

OPPO’s Color OS 3.2, together with 3G RAM and a 16nm Octa-core CPU processor, results in a minimum 20% raise in performance and 10% less energy spend. New functions and upgrades enable more efficiency. With the Do Not Disturb function, your gaming experience will be smooth. Incoming calls will be shown in the form of a banner without interrupting your game. You won’t even miss a phone call from a loved one or work.


Others Interesting Features
The F5 Youth battery life is exceptional, thanks to the 3200Ah battery and the Continuous Optimizing technology which manages the apps running on the device, allowing the user up to 12 hours of continuous use (in a simulated test). A triple slot tray supports two Nano cards and one TF card simultaneously helping you have a smooth experience.