BMC floats tender for underground, Smart, odourless hygienic dustbins

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has planned to install underground and semi underground dustbins and has issued a request for proposal (RFP), which is already uploaded in its website.
As per the RFP or tender documents, the pre-bid meeting for the same shall be held on September 7 and last date of submission of proposal is September 22.
The BMC shall install 50 semi and underground dustbin, out of which 30 will be of semi underground bins with size 1.5 cubic metre size and 20 will be of 3 cubic metre fully underground bins. The latter will be with two compartments of 1.5 cubic metre each.
Most interesting feature of these underground bins is that these shall be fitted with sensors to send alerts to the control room about bin filling level. The system could also be integrated with the Bhubaneswar Operations Centre in future so that a direct command mechanism would be in place to inform the drivers as well. The operation and maintenance of these bins shall be carried out by the same agency, who shall install it and the operation and maintenance contract period is initially for five years.
Underground or semi-underground bins are an efficient and accessible way of collecting waste and recycling materials, with their very large waste collection volume they require minimum emptying and maintenance. These underground bins will be placed on footpaths and each of these dustbins facilitates segregated storage of waste.
Moreover, the bins are helping the city in gradually improving visual impact of city. Open dumping spots are reducing as people are now being careful while depositing their waste. This will lead to a better environment and better optimal space utilization.
Smart collection bins, as they are also called, would keep the collecting points clean and offer solution for odour problems, which are common for traditional containers with foul smell and making their surrounding terrible.
These underground or semi-underground dust bins shall be covered with a lid to prevent the stink from coming out. As sensors are also fitted, so significantly it will reduce the operating cost for collection. These dustbins are more hygienic and have no nasty smell. These dustbins are of low level throw-ins which can be easy access for children and physically challenged people.
Smart collection bins need very minimal space for more quantity of waste with comparison to present type of bin. Smart bins are emptied by lifting the internal container, which makes it possible to weigh the waste during the emptying process and feeding lids of the Smart deep collection containers can be equipped with a safe closing mechanism.