BlueStone announces launch of its exclusive Mystics collection for Akshaya Tritiya, drawing inspiration from traditional symbolism and charms

Banglore  –  BlueStone, India’s leading omnichannel fine jewellery retailer, announces the launch of ‘Mystics’ – a new and exclusive  jewellery collection for the auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya. Mystics, as the name suggests, is a range that conveys divinity and reverence, in the form of symbols and emblems that are sacred and immemorial, incorporated into finely crafted jewellery, albeit with a modern twist, in keeping with contemporary styling and design preferences. The symbols that lend to the designs include Aum, the Horseshoe, Yantras, Shiva Tilak, Shree and Swastikas.

With Akshaya Tritiya, also referred to as ‘Akha Teej’, considered   to be one of the most auspicious days to buy gold, BlueStone has designed this ecclesiastical collection that combines the timeless symbols, with unique elements creatively, adding layers of deeper meaning to the jewellery, for the occasion. The Mystics collection also features unique scripts and mantras in stunning gold designs, giving the wearer a sense of observance, while also being modern and fashion forward.  Some of the designs within this collection also entail an amalgamation of two or more different symbols that are designed  to bring forth a harmonious and seamless piece of jewellery, achieved through innovative craftsmanship and choice of materials, including diamond setting and gemstones that highlight the symbolism in a subtle and creative manner.  .

The Mystics collection features sleek bracelets, gold pendants, iconic necklaces and statement rings. With 36 unique designs and a variety of symbols to choose from, the collection stands as a unique conglomeration of fashion and timeless connotations that is sure to make heads turn. The collection also stands as a bold note of self-expression, for those who want to showcase their ecclesiastical affinities in a minimalist and chic manner.

Speaking on the launch of this unique collection, Vipin Sharma, Chief Merchandising Officer, BlueStone said, “Akshaya Tritiya is one of the biggest days in the year for the purchase of gold jewellery, and at BlueStone, we intended to curate a collection that was in keeping with holy sentiments, which also exuded elegance and grace. Understanding the sentiments of our customers and offering something new and exciting has always been a priority, and it is this commitment that has helped us design and construct this unique collection. The combination of symbols, put together with unique and minimalist designs is sure to appeal to jewellery connoisseurs and devotees alike, by giving a modern twist to classic diamond and gemstone jewellery..

The marquee piece of the collection is ‘The Sezia Evil Eye Pendant’, which boasts of a unique blend of the iconic evil eye charm and an intricate gold and diamond interlocked design. An iconic symbol across different faiths and beliefs, the Evil Eye Talisman, or ‘Mati’ is said to have been used as early as 6 B.C to ward off malevolence and evil. The 18Kt Gold Pendant is adorned with 20 stunning diamonds and a brilliant blue enameled charm for a truly spiritual, yet fashionable look.

The Kricia Charm Bracelet’ is an iconic piece in the Mystics collection that incorporates one of the biggest jewellery trends that has emerged in 2022. The charm bracelet incorporates eight unique gold charms, including the Horseshoe, Swastika and Hamsa. The bracelet is also adorned with a mix of gemstones and diamonds and contains 4 diamonds, 1 emerald and 9 blue sapphires, complete with 18Kt gold.

With a strong omni-channel presence across the country, BlueStone allows buyers of jewellery the convenience of browsing through an extensive catalog online and get their favorite piece of jewellery delivered home, or visit a store nearby and make a purchase.

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