BJD condemns decision of CII to withdraw from partnering Odisha Govt. for Make in Odisha-2018 conclave

Bhubaneswar: With the call of Make in India campaign, Odisha participated in February, 2016 at the Make in India Mumbai conclave and in August, 2016 in “Invest Odisha” week at Bengaluru followed by the Make in Odisha conclave in 2016 at Bhubaneswar. These conclaves brought to Odisha 3.64 lakhs crores from 124 investment intents out of which more than 60% of proposals are at various stages of approval and implementation. Out of the 124 investment intents, the Government of Odisha received 76 concrete proposals out of which 60 have be approved and the establishment and commissioning work has started while the rest are being considered at various levels by IDCO and IPICOL. It was decided that the said conclave would be held biennially and on November 16, 2017, the  Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri. Naveen Patnaik informed that the second edition of Make in Odisha conclave would be held from 11th to 15th of November, 2018. Since the Government of Odisha in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) had successfully organized the “Make in Odisha” conclave in 2016, the Government of Odisha again invited the CII to partner with it Conclave in November, 2018.• On 12th January, 2018, CII participated in the preparatory meeting of the Make in Odisha Conclave.• On 17th January, 2018, Mr.Deepak Kumar Singh from CII submitted an estimated budget for the Make in Odisha Conclave 2018 to the Government of Odisha.• The Government of Odisha was confident that since CII has submitted the budget for the Conclave, it showed CII’s commitment to partnering with the Government again for hosting the 2018 Conclave successfully as it had done in 2016.• On 14th February, 2018, Ms.NitaKarmakar from CII sent to the Government of Odisha the list of CII Coordinators for various committees constituted for the forthcoming Make in Odisha Conclave 2018. • After the CII had submitted the budget and nominated Coordinators for Make in Odisha Conclave, it was understood that CII was partnering Government of Odisha for 2018 Conclave.• CII had also submitted the draft conditions of partnership in February, 2018. • On 4th April, 2018, Chairman, CII State Council, informed the Department of Industries, Government of Odisha that it would not be able to partner with it for the Make in Odisha Conclave 2018. • CII took the weak plea of prior engagements during the proposed dates of the Conclave. It is surprising and shocking as to how the CII was unaware of prior engagements during the proposed dates of the Conclave while interacting and engaging with the Government of Odisha regarding the Make in Odisha Conclave, sharing partnership conditions, budget and coordinators.• The true reason for this U-turn of CII is not its prior engagements but rather the appointment of Mrs.JagiMangat Panda, wife of suspended MP Baijayant Panda as the Chairperson of CII Eastern Region under whose domain the decisions of CII relating to Odisha lies.• Mrs.Panda was appointed as Chairperson of CII, Eastern Region on 17th March, 2018.• Till February as mentioned earlier, all processes for partnering with Government of Odisha by CII were running smoothly but within 18 days of the appointment of Mrs.Panda, CII refused to partner with the Government of Odisha.• This is extremely disappointing and condemnable. It is a betrayal with the youth of Odisha, their hopes and aspirations. While the Government of Odisha had designated CII as the Industry Partner for all investment promotion activities, the stand taken by CII influenced by Mrs. JagiMangat Panda’s desire to settle political scores on behalf of her husband is utterly despicable and sad. The youth as well as the people of Odisha will not tolerate this inhuman and partisan behavior of Mrs. Panda which is utterly anti-Odisha and anti-youth. • The resigning of the Chairman and Vice chairman of CII’s state council — Arun Mishra of Tata Steel’s Gopalpur project and Dhamra Port CEO Subrat Tripathy further strengthens the fact that suspicion that Mrs. Panda has been instrumental in destroying the good governance in CII and creating a hostile atmosphere where such good people who have been working for the welfare of the state of Odisha and its industrial growth are now resigning.• It seems Mrs. Panda would prefer only IMFA to do business in Odisha. She would not prefer more business and industrial houses to set up their facilities in the state for the betterment of the people.• This is an anti-Odisha act and the people and youth of Odisha will not take this kindly. It’s hoped that the industry leaders who adorn CII would be able to see through this evil design to appropriate the good name of CII and desecrate it for their selfish interests. We hope that the CII would reconsider its unfortunate decision and join Odisha for the greater good of the state and its people. In a press conference at BJD State Party Office BJD Spokesperson and MP Pratap Keshari Deb told it. He expressed that the Government of Odisha is committed to ensuring that the Make in Odisha Conclave-2018 would be held successfully with or without the CII and the future of the youth of the state will be safeguarded and their development is of paramount interest for the Government of Odisha. But it is a great fall for CII, from the heights of industry leadership to becoming just a tool to protect some selfish interests. This decision is unfortunate and sad on the part of CII and Mrs. JagiMangat Panda and against the interests of the people of Odisha and especially the youth who would have benefitted from it. Spokesperson Dr. Sasmit Patra and State Secretary Bijaya Nayak were present in the press meet.