Biju Janata Dal started a social media campaign named #SankhaBajuThau

Bhubaneswar: Biju Janata Dal has started a social media campaign named #SankhaBajuThau in Twitter to showcase state governments achievements in last couple of years.

The 2019 general election will be an intense, high-stakes tussle for power like all others but with one difference – in a first, it is likely to be as hotly contested in the virtual world as in the real one with parties already busy getting their social media warriors battle-ready.

Social media played a key role in propelling the BJP to power in 2014, but is set to take on a different dimension altogether in 2019 with the opposition led by the Congress getting their arsenal ready to combat combat the ruling party’s formidable cyber army.

The BJP, the first party to realise the potential of social media, is still formidable in the digital space with a robust organization ready to face the opposition’s challenge. In Odisha context ruling BJD is started its various social media campaign to wow the netigens.

On 6th February BJD has started Twitter Trending campaign named #SankhaBajuThau, where the official twitter handles of the party and the party workers created a vibe for the developmental work by the state Government.

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