Bhumi Pednekar Launches Raisin – India’s Newest Contemporary Fusion Wear Line for the Modern Indian Woman



Mumbai: Renowned actress Bhumi Pednekar launched Raisin – a contemporary line of fusion wear for the modern women of today. The launch was done at a press conference among much fanfare and grandeur at the JW Marriott. At the venue, multiple mannequins donned Raisin clothing, giving the attendees an exclusive preview of what the clothing line will look like. It displayed sophisticated high quality fabrics, colourful designs and trendy styles from the brand’s much awaited Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Vikash Pacheriwal and Vishal Pacheriwal, Co-Founders, Raisin were present at the event, representing the true essence of the brand and why it all began – to help connect the consumer directly with the manufacturer and providing contemporary fusion wear to modern women.

The audience witnessed the collection for the first time as the AV revealed the DNA of the brand – an impeccable balance between comfort, life and fashion while embodying the spirit of the modern woman. Everyone present engaged with the trendy cuts, chic motifs and elegant prints from the collection through a Kabuki Theatre style setup, where each mannequin was dressed up to represent a certain style from the collection.

“Raisin represents everything the modern woman looks for – extreme comfort, affordability and chic designs all wrapped up in one stylish piece of clothing. I’m thrilled to be a part of the brand launch and I’m eagerly looking forward to more designs with every changing season!” said actress, Bhumi Pednekar.

“Our vision was to create a brand that sustains for decades and is known to provide comfortable fashion to today’s modern women. It is only with the help of our spectacular marketing, branding and design team that we have come one step closer to making our dream a reality. We also cannot thank Bhumi enough for being a true embodiment of what Raisin stands for – adaptable, versatile and classy. Today, even though the latest fashion is easily accessible to consumers online, there is still a gap that needs to be filled where consumers can physically see the trends online and then make their purchase. Most brands are available through the mediums of MBOs and EBOs only; Raisin wants to reach a larger audience through its SIS retail model. We’ve carefully created products that are affordable without compromising on quality and comfort and we hope the market likes it!” said Vikash Pacheriwal, co-founder , Raisin.