Bhubaneswar-based medtech startup EzeRX Healthtech Pvt. Ltd developed device for identifying primary health parameters at an early stage

Bhubaneswar: For decades, drawing blood has meant a healthcare professional inserting a long needle into a vein or fingertip which are laborious and painful, both. But thanks to EzeCheck, patients can now experience a painless, simple, and fast blood collection process. Patients don’t need to fear getting a blood test and can comply with doctors’ recommendations for routine testing thereby making health monitoring much easier for both healthcare professionals and patients. Developed by Bhubaneswar-based medtech startup EzeRX Healthtech Pvt. Ltd, the non-invasive and portable device provides easy and painless screening solutions for identifying primary health parameters at an early stage. The startup is spearheaded by Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Chaitali Roy and Sudip Roy Chowdhury who have been making a difference to the rural and semi-urban healthcare sector in the state.

Armed with a decade long experience in the field of healthcare analytics, Partha always wanted to start his own venture especially to address the challenges in the primary healthcare sector and making it more accessible to the rural masses. In 2018, he left a cushy job in Singapore and founded EzeRX Healthtech Private Limited along with Chaitali Roy and Sudip Roy Chowdhury with an objective to develop highly progressive medical devices and easy, affordable and innovative diagnostic solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the Bhubaneswar-based startup has developed EzeCheck, a non-invasive, portable device that makes blood tests a painless experience. The device checks for five different blood parameters namely hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, bilirubin, creatinine, and blood glucose levels— just by a patient placing his finger on the device. The data for the patient is delivered in 10 to 20 seconds, and each blood test costs Rs 35. Parthat shares that the blood results can be generated on the EzeRx device that works on spectroscopy, and can be accessed using the mobile app. The report can also be shared within seconds through Whatsapp

There is a strong market need for this type of blood collection technology across numerous channels like reference labs, hospitals, retail pharmacies, doctors’ offices, wellness screenings, diagnostics testing, etc. Since most people today are getting diagnosed with numerous health ailments, early detection and identification of such problems can be of great help to them. In these settings, our device can offer a more efficient method to identify the problems in vital parameters of the body and provide a greatly improved patient experience,” he mentioned, adding that the state government has extended tremendous support to take their initiative to the grassroots.

Partha explained that the EzeCheck device has received the prestigious Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) certification and has an accuracy rate of over 95 percent. The device is portable, light weight and low-cost which is why most clinics and hospitals across Tier 2 and 3 cities, state government bodies, pharma companies, and health insurance companies are showing great interest to use it. Besides EzeCheck, the startup also offers an Oral-O-Scope solution to easily detect oral cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. It also provides a teledentistry platform, named Aarogya, to help rural and semi-urban masses get access to quality dental treatments. Not just EzeCheck, the startup has also developed AJO (short for anemia, jaundice, and oxygen saturation), a non-invasive and IoT-enabled portable diagnostic device to test anemia, liver, and lung-related health issues. Making the testing process bloodless and painless, AJO collects data by scanning the eyes of the users thereby providing data on one’s hemoglobin, bilirubin, and oxygen saturation. The startup is also working to market the product among the masses.

Partha is now aiming to raise funds and expand its network in the Indian and international markets. He also added that there are many exciting products in the pipeline to provide better and non-invasive diagnostic solutions for more health issues. Besides, EzeRx is also working on strengthening teledentistry networks in rural and semi-urban areas that would benefit the rural populace at large. “We are also in talks in different government agencies, nursing homes, NGOs, and hospitals to use our products. Therefore we are leaving no stone unturned to conduct pilot projects across the country for a better reach. Our only objective is to create a healthy and fit India where every individual is free from health ailments,” he concluded.
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