Bharat Raksha Manch welcomes release of the preliminary draft of the National Register of Citizens in Assam

Bhubaneswar: The historic event of the release of the preliminary draft of the National Register of Citizens in Assam is an epochal event in India’s Post Independence history. The extent of the illegal infiltration in the nation was, and is still not known to any government agency. The decadal Census figures have included all residents of the nation, both legal and illegal, and the government had no data on the number of illegal immigrants.

After the Upamanyu Hazarika Report was submitted to the apex court, the Supreme court initiated the National Register of Citizens for the state of Assam. The two year exercise was fraught with many difficulties. Bharat Raksha Manch welcomes the Apex court’s initiative and congratulates the entire team who have completed this herculean task within the stipulated period.

The lackadaisical attitude of various government towards border security, the greed for facilitating illegal immigrants for purely vote bank politics and electoral gains, the communal tinge given by various parties and sections, has made India into a vicious cauldron. There are nearly 5-6 crores illegal immigrants who are affecting the socio-economic, political and religious atmosphere of the entire nation. The entire fabric of society and the body politic is now influenced by this burden. Lax laws, non implementation of existing legal framework, facilitation of anti-national elements for political gains, porous borders, have all spelled the doom.

While welcoming the NRC in Assam, Dr. Murali Manohar Sharma, Convener of the Bharat Raksha Manch, said that this exercise should be undertaken in every state of the country. The malaise if the illegal immigrants has effected every nook and corner of the nation, with many places being such that these illegal people decide the outcome of the polls.

The detection of 40,07,707 illegal residents in just one State is an eye-opener. They were given all chances to prove their legal citizenship, and as per the announcement made of the government, they will be given another chance, with the option to appeal to the higher courts. Even though the entire exercise was done in a transparent manner, many doubts are being raised by political parties .

Anil Dhir, the National secretary of the Manch, said that Bharat Raksha Manch and given a proposal to the Government in 2015, in which the “Three D” principle of Detect, Delete and Deport was given. The NRC has detected the illegal settlers, now all efforts should be made to delete their names from the electoral lists. After the final list is made, they identified persons should be immediately disenfranchised . All the identity papers like Adhar, Pan, Election Identity Cards, Passports, Ration cards etc. should be cancelled forthright and all the illegal residents should be asked to register themselves with a stipulated time.

It is well nigh impossible to deport such a large number of people, so the government should issue temporary work permits. Specials laws should be formulated and anybody who employs assists or facilitates these immigrants, they should be strictly penalized and punished. Talks should be opened with Bangladesh for deportation of these illegal immigrants.

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