Best Kept Secrets of Kerala that will intrigue your senses

Located in the South-east of India, Kerala is a state that is famous for pristine beaches, splendid backwaters, hill stations that seem like a part of some other world, and much more. Kerala has always been people’s first choice when it comes to visit a place that soothes your soul and calm down your senses. Well, whatever you have ever read or seen virtually about this state, it will break all the pre-conceived images of beauty and will make you awestruck. Kerala Tourism has also been blooming in recent days and there are many Kerala tour packages that can make one opt to have the best of this state.

The state that has always been talked about its beauty also has some secrets that a very few people know. Every state has its own secrets that and so does Kerala. Today, going beyond its beauty and splendour, we are talking about Kerala’s best-kept secrets. Chances are there you have never heard or read about them, and this will surely heighten your interest level for visiting the state.

  1. Nilambur – A dowry free zone

Dowry is a curse and though it is being a punishable crime, people continue to believe in this practice, but Nilamber, a town in Kerala has banned dowry. Thanks to the high literacy rate in this particular town, people have now stopped believing in dowry. Added to this, when you will enter the town, you will see the sign “you are entering a dowry-free area,” welcoming you. Now, this is something that is hard to find in any town or village in India.

  1. Lakkidi- a route owned by a soul

This secret will give goosebumps to many. A long time ago, a tourist once came to Kerala to explore its beauty.  To get through the best route, he hired Chieftain whose name was Karinthandan and went travelling between the secret routes in the ghats of Lakkidi.  On reaching there, the tourist killed an Adivasi who tried to take the credit of exploring the route. Well, now you would be interested in knowing the reason. The story goes like this that the Chieftain – Karinthandan died years ago and possessed the soul of the tourist. After this, many similar incidents took place and people called a priest to get rid of the soul, and his soul was tied with a chain in the tree. The tree and the chain still stay there and the chain grows with the tree.

  1. The only living tribal king

We know about the kings that still rule certain areas in our country, but this one is unique. The tribal king doesn’t live in a palace and is the tribal king of entire Kerala. He doesn’t get money for being a king and he literally pushes himself like any ordinary man to earn money.

These are a very few secrets of Kerala, the God’s Own country and there are more to explore. The state devoid of any doubt houses most of the country’s beauty, but the secrets have always been a part of every state. Well, your senses must be feeling intrigued more to know of such things, and the best is to visit Kerala in person.

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