Behind Talkies: Tamil entertainment news’ new poster boy

This news startup has carved a good chunk of the market share in a short span of time

When you have been in the business for only four years and people know you from a sea of other prospects, you know you have made it. And this in very short, is Behind Talkies. The vernacular website which started as a nobody in 2017 has quickly gone on to become a name to reckon with in the entertainment news world. Withing just four years, the team behind the startup has grabbed a sizeable chunk of the South Indian vernacular entertainment news world. What started as a rookie is now teaching the big guns, exactly how it is done.

The major problem that all news websites have been grappling with is being out in the first page of Google search rankings. While publishing news articles quickly does go a long way in ensuring this, putting credible information out has also been equal, if not more weightage by Google algorithms. That is an essential change as with the amount of fake news circulating around, it is up to news outlets to weed out the false from the true. But most outlets have failed to balance the two with most managing to do only one thing properly. Behind Talkies has been a welcome exception and has ensured that what it puts out is fact checked and is published in record time.

Over the years, this strict adherence to credibility has rewarded the team with a loyal reader base and it has even helped it garner new readers. The lockdowns have undoubtedly helped boost this increase in readership, but what the team has been successful in is eating into the pie of some of the larger media houses as well. From the latest movie releases to songs to web series, Behind Talkies has got you covered. The charismatic team behind the website has ensured that their process of working around the clock enables them to be on top of news 24/7. They are also extending their version to other languages like Telugu and Malayalam, not only that they are also getting established for the Tamil cooking Recipes which they call it as Nila’s Recipes.

At a time when digital publishers are struggling to break even or even avoid losses, Behind Talkies has not only been able to generate revenue, they have been able to do so in a sustainable way. Sticking to a thorough work process has been the fulcrum of their success and with milestone after milestone being breached every now and then, the team doesn’t look like they will or would even want to deviate from their current track.

But it hasn’t all been about just giving what the reader wants in an unbiased manner. The team owes their success to the feedback that they get from their readers too. Active engagement on social media has helped the team understand their audience and use the constructive criticism to deliver even better. While change is not easy, even difficult sometimes, the team has shown that it is good and they have their ever increasing reader base testifying to their success mantra.


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