BCAC Celebrates 1st World Bicycle Day on Road with their Bicycles

Bhubaneswar: A journey of human powered two-wheeled transport which started in the year 1816 has come a long way amidst changes in motorized transport and super-luxurious travel modes. A bicycle, in truest sense, is a companion of the less-privileged for their daily commute in rural and urban India, the first love of any school/ college student and a way of healthier and environment-friendly transport for the modern civilization. The rising popularity of bicycles in different parts of the world as a eco-friendly alternative is commendable in recent years. The modern transformation of bicycles with advanced technology has offered it a new dimension among the youth and aged. Be it for health reasons, be it as a commute to combat traffic chaos, be it for the style statement, bicycle today is gaining rapid popularity among the urban mass with its charm and fervor.

Working in-line with SDGs, bicycle has been recognized as the most popular and sustainable medium of commute in the modern world. Countries like Switzerland, Germany, China, and Japan have already adopted bicycles as an alternative mode of transport. First time in the history, on 12th of April 2018, in the 72nd General Assembly at New York, United Nations has designated 3rd of June as the “World Bicycle Day” with a conscious of 193 member states. Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club (BCAC) gracefully accepted this resolution and celebrated the 1st World Bicycle Day with a huge bicycle rally from its Club House (VIR-11, Unit-VI) to Nandankanan. A total of more than 50 cycles joined the peloton of rides from different parts of the SmartCity Bhubaneswar and the Historic city of Cuttack. Cyclists from age of 4 years to 65+ years joined this celebration to spread the message of “Cycling for All.”

The gala Cyclothon event flagged off from the VIR-11, Unit-VI, Bhubaneswar at 7:00 AM on Sunday, 3rd June 2018. BCAC club members wearing Neon-Green jerseys and Helmets with other cycling gears were quite elated to celebrate the 1st “World Bicycle Day”. Bicycles of different makes, models and styles joined this rally to spread the message of a health and eco-friendliness with universal brotherhood and world peace. The huge peloton of riders created a wave of greenery on the roads offering a spectacular view to the onlookers and other motorized travelers on the road.

BCAC met with the group of Cuttack Cyclists at the Nandankanan to share brotherhood and love for cycling. On this occasion, Sj. Sanjeeb Panda, the President of BCAC conveyed, “As a responsible citizen everyone should come forward and adopt cycling (wherever possible) to stay healthy and also help to keep the environment healthy. We appreciate the UN’s designation to 3rd June as World Bicycle Day and we must celebrate it together.”

Sj. Lalit Das, another regular cyclist and marathoner from BCAC said, “Cycling is a very good form of exercise for the runners as well. It offers support for muscles-groups and also helps to keep your heart strong. There are many benefits of cycling for weight-loss, physical fitness and maintaining the lungs. Everyone should do cycling with other exercises to reap the best benefits out of it.”

BCAC, as the only registered cycling and adventure club of Bhubaneswar is promoting cycling along with other adventure activities among the mass. It regularly conducts cycling expedition and does many events to promote cycling as a healthier and eco-friendly mode of exercise and general commute as a whole.

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