BCAC Bids Adieu to 2019 with BRM – Marala Malini A 400KM Qualifier

The year 2019 has been quite eventful in the calendar of with new adventures, new opportunities, new explorations and new events. With an objective of offering Randonneuring opportunities to the cyclists in and around Bhubaneswar, BCAC has been associated with Audax India Randonneurs (AIR) with a full series of SR Qualifiers (SRQs) for the season 2019-2020. In line with this BCAC has already conducted 200KM, 300KM and 600KM SR Qualifiers in the recent past. Now, it’s the time for the final SRQ with a ride of 400KM designated over a time limit of 27 hours.

As per the declared deadline for registration as many as 33 riders registered for the final push for earning the coveted title of “ ” in this season. The diversity of riders was amazing with a few seasoned cyclists from the Club and outside and a few novice riders. On the wintery morning of , , a total of 32 riders assembled at the BCAC Clubhouse – the flag-off point for this 400KM BRM.

As the time progressed, all riders completed the mandatory bike check procedure, packed their own nutrition and hydration and assembled for route briefing. After a customary group snap, the riders were on their saddles by 6:30AM and started their adventure of completing a 400KM pre-designed route within a time-span of 27 hours. The morning push was towards the south (Gurapalli Check Gate) was supported with tail winds and down-going terrain.

The initial 110KMs was quite easy-going and enjoyable as it was a winter morning with support from tail-winds. But the dice turned upside-down when the riders took U-Turn at Gurapalli Checkgate and faced massive northern winds directly on the face. The terrain was also elevated which offered another challenge for the riders. The massive headwinds drained out energy from the riders and it was quite difficult to maintain an average of 15/17kmph. As the evening approached the power of the winds gradually reduced and the riders reached back Bhubaneswar at their next control point at Hanspal Flyover underpass.

The evening brought in another challenge of the season with dipping mercury quite furiously. Though not uncommon for the season, it was quite sudden this time. The cold-waves with winds made the ride much more difficult than the preliminary anticipation. By the time riders passed Malatipatpur for their ride towards Konark, the mercury was hovering around 16/17 degrees. The lonely stretch of 7Kms from Malatipatpur Bus-stand to Toshali Sands Resort was the worst as it was deep cold with huge winds as it’s a completely open field area.

In contrast to the anticipation of getting a little warmer patch near in the Puri-Konark Marine drive, the riders faced chilling cold winds in a pitch-dark patch. Even a five minutes break was resulting in severe trembling of body. Over this, the limitations in rest-hours and extremely tired bodies were falling asleep on the saddles. It was a hell-ride in this patch of Puri-Konark Marine Drive which was supposed to be one of the most beautiful route segments on any other day. However, this patch of almost 70KMs (35Kms each side) was also passed by all riders before the setting of the dawn. By the early hours of the morning, the riders started reaching their finish control. The last rider logged in with hardly few minutes to spare from the final cut-off.

This was a real test of grit and determination. It was real test of endurance for many and offered a real taste of extremities of climate with almost . The night temperature fall to an extreme level of 13 degree Celsius, offering another challenge. Body fatigue and mechanical breakdowns has its own share of challenge as well. However, through all these extremities, all 32 riders who started their ride for this 400KM successfully completed this brevet within the allocated deadline.

BCAC would like to special mention . (AIR No: 12857), who completed his maiden SR at the age of 62. BCAC also congratulates . (AIR No: 9794) for becoming the . BCAC congratulates all 17 Super Randonneurs who completed their first SR Series with this Brevet. BCAC also congratulates . (AIR no: 13761) for his maiden attempt in BRM and successfully completing 400KM BRM in his first attempt. BCAC would like to mention . (AIR No: 9789), who completed his maiden SR series on a Tandem bike. And last, but not the least, BCAC congratulates all successful finishers of this BRM including Mr. Saroj Mati (AIR No: 1047) and Mr. Sandeep Korgaonkar (AIR No: 9591) from Mumbai Randonneurs for their superb performance.

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