Balram OCP continues to remain silent on 7th consecutive day

Talcher: Workers of a private firm engaged in mining operations resorted to stoppage of coal production at Kaniha and Lingaraj mines in Talcher Coalfields today, while stoppage of operations by villagers at Balram opencast project continued on seventh consecutive day.

Coal production of at least 16,800 tonne a day at Lingaraj OCP and about 18,000 tonne a day at Kaniha OCP has been affected due to the stoppage by the workers of a private firm VFPL engaged in mining operations.

Meanwhile, stoppage of mining operations at Balram OCP by Danara villagers continued on seventh consecutive day. Coal despatch at Balram OCP was forcibly stopped by the villagers on 6th of October, while they stopped over burden removal at “mahalakshmi patch” on 10th of October and coal production from the mine was stopped from second shift on 12th of October.

Overburden removal of about 30,000 tonne a day, 10,000 tonne of coal production and equal quantity of coal despatch to consumers, including NALCO, JITPL, JSPL, BSL and GMR, has been affected at Balram OCP of MCL.

Up till now, 1,10,000 tonne coal supply, around 40,000 tonne coal production and more than 1.9 lakh tonne of over burden removal has been affected from Balram OCP.

Last evening, villagers of Bhalugadia near Hingula OCP mine stopped mining operations in protest of alleged abusive remarks by some trade union activist. However, the mining operation resumed from second shift today after successful meeting between villagers and the local project management.

Around 7,000 cubic meter over burden removal and more than 4,000 tonne coal production was reportedly affected by the stoppage of Hingula mine.

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