Artist Biswajit Nayak Crafts ‘Gajanan Besha’ Of Trinities

Puri: Artist Biswajit Nayak from Puri has built the ‘Gajanan Besha’ of lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra with popsicle sticks. The miniature artwork is made out of 1475 sticks within the span of 15 days. ‘I dedicate my work to the devotees,” says the young artist Biswajit.

According to Hindu month of Jyeshtha, ‘Snana Yatra’ or ‘Snana Purnima’ is the bathing festival of deities celebrated on the full moon day. The ritual takes place before the annual car festival called ‘Rath Yatra’.

After the completion of ‘Snana’ ritual in the evening, the deities are dressed up in elephant headgear representing the God Ganesh. This form of the God is called the ‘Gajanana Besha’.

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