Artificial Intelligence: The New Skill of the Computer

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that has been increasingly dominating the way that we do things. As we learn to embrace technology more and more, the bigger the influence of artificial intelligence on our lives. While the actual technical definition of artificial intelligence is incredibly complex, the essential principle of the discipline is that it essentially allows for technology to mimic human intelligence as much as possible. This is the kind of technology that allows for your smartphone assistants to have real conversations with you. This is the technology that is responsible for predicting trends on the stock market the same way a financial analyst would be able to. Artificial intelligence is the reason that companies are able to employ chat bots to engage in customer service.


Ultimately, AI is the computer’s ability to perform certain functions or logical executions that greatly resemble the rumblings of the human mind. Naturally, because of human intelligence, the need for human intervention or control in the operation of certain devices is becoming more minimal. AI systems these days are even able to function and improve themselves over long-term stretches without any human interaction because of machine learning. This is a branch of AI that essentially allows for computers and programs to teach themselves how to be more efficient as they go along. This allows for these machines to be self-sufficient in their own development over time and it makes them better at doing their job.


The birth of AI can actually be traced back to 1943 when the first vagites were created by American researchers Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitt. They were the first people to advance the artificial neuron and present it to the scientific community. A few years later in 1949, Donald Olding Hebb introduced a more detailed analysis of the connections between artificial neurons and the nuances of the human brain. When the late 1950s came around, Alan Turing became the first person to dedicate his study to how a computer could actually behave just like a human being.


Over the decades, computers have been growing more and more powerful in terms of their capacity to behave more like humans. Fast forward to today wherein AI is a practical presence in any major industry. Go to your search engine and type something into the search bar. The feature that allows these search engines to auto-complete your search query for you is only a result of artificial intelligence. When you’re playing games online like FPS shooters, RPGs, puzzles, or online slots, artificial intelligence is closely monitoring your playing patterns so that games are able to serve you better in the future. Artificial intelligence may even be responsible for recommending you to play on one particular site as opposed to another based on your user patterns. One of the emerging commercial applications of artificial intelligence is in the development of self-driving cars. More companies these days are selling cars that have self-driving features, essentially eliminating the need for human beings to actively drive themselves around.


There are also other more subtle ways through which AI is applying itself in modern industry. In medicine and healthcare, AI technology is being employed to ensure that healthcare providers are making the optimal decisions when it comes to providing medical services. AI becomes responsible for lessening the likelihood of human error when administering medications or when providing diagnoses. In advertising, AI is doing a lot in terms of gathering and analyzing market data. It takes a close look at web browsing patterns of customers and uses this information to push certain products towards specific markets. Advertising is a lot more advanced and calculated now than it has ever been and it’s all thanks to artificial intelligence.


There’s just no telling how potent and how powerful artificial intelligence will be moving into the future. Naturally, there are some in the scientific community who feel that artificial intelligence might get too powerful to the point that it could be potentially dangerous for society. However, there are many others who argue that the same can be said of any kind of technology. Ultimately, the push for AI is rampant and the technology surrounding this branch of computer science is growing more sophisticated with each passing day.

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