Architects role in Building construction and the importance of Hiring Architects

Architects Role in Building Construction:

Role of an Architect assumes importance in greater proportion when projects start off between medium to large structures. If the structure is small like a single storied house or simply a shelter then an engineer may be all right if you have true copies of designs and plans got from other people. It’s more important epically when someone is Hiring Architects for Designing in a metropolitan city like Bangalore.

However, the matter becomes more cumbersome and without clarity if the structure is rather big. In other words, for all larger projects you need to have a well placed plan and it is here that an Architect’s job assumes importance.

In many cases it is difficult to get approval of a plan if it is not certified by a qualified Architect. Large mammoth like projects may have a senior project manager who is a qualified and well experienced. It’s also important to know the construction cost for building a house in Bangalore which can be calculated by this “ Building Construction Calculator Tool ” which helps in budgeting your house.

It would be his or her duty to oversee the whole project from implementation to completion stage. Here, there may be several engineers as well as other technical and non-technical staffs working in shift all being supervised ultimately by a project manager.

Creativity and Scientific Planning:

It is an Architect that carefully provides the first outlay of a plan and it various other inputs. These are creative study of landscape, environment, aesthetic textures and artistic inputs that involves an entire spectrum of mathematical, scientific and holistic approaches.

In other words, an architect’s job is nothing short of a whole philosophical approach to structure designing to their implementation stage.

It is perhaps easy to make a shelter yet when it comes to whole town planning and other projects then the approach is rather entirely different. Here, an architect needs to supervise a large number of people after duly completing the design stage.

He or She would then have to give part of the projects as sub-contracts or may engage engineers directly to implement it step by step.

There is whole spectrum of activities in construction of medium to large structures with involvement of surveyors, structural engineers, electrical engineers, acoustics and air-conditioning specialists, plumbers and sanitary specialists.

Then there are masons, bricklayers, carpenters and helpers to carry out the work at the very ground level.

 Scope of an Architect’s Work:

In reality there is no such limit as to the scope of an architect’s work. He or she may either give out major part of work at sub contract level or may oversee an entire project for client.

This may include even getting the plan approved from local authorities to pay outs for ground level workers like masons, carpenters, electricians and so on. But handling things alone may prove to be headache if you are not supported by a whole lot of staff from your office.

In several cases independent Architects make use of contractors, sub contractors, engineers, land surveyors and other agencies to get their work done according to plan.

Usually, this may be best option as you get work done without taking up entire task of making structures. Besides, an architect may also have an advantage of looking after other projects too. It is after all the project size that determines an Architect’s role.