Anti tobacco activist Md. Imran Ali urged to cine,sports personalities to stay away from advertising pan masala

Bhubaneswar: India has become the capital of mouth cancer in the world being attributed by tobacco stuff. Tobacco kills more than 2500 Indians per day which is much bigger than the deaths caused by HIV, AIDS and malaria put together. Thus, anti tobacco activist and founder of Mission Answer to Cancer Md. Imran Ali has urged to cine and sports personalities to stay away from advertising pan masala even if it may not contain tobacco.

In his appeal, Imran has described how the advertisements of pan masala by youth icons leave an impact upon the kids and youths to get attracted towards tobacco stuff. Just to mention, the Indian tobacco control legislation COTPA prohibits the direct, indirect or surrogate advertisements of all forms of tobacco stuff. However, the superstars of cine and sports do advertise the stuff by writing “zero tobacco” which are very much similar to branding of harmful pan masala available in the markets, says Imran. Thus, the cine and sports personalities should come out to save millions by advocating against such harmful stuff to prove themselves as heroes of real life, urged in the appeal letter.