An Ultimate Guide to Know about Suspension Clamp

A suspension clamp, often better known as a clamp fitting, is an accessory used to hang conductor cables or rods to the electric poles and towers. They are primarily used for power transmission cables or telecommunication lines. For this purpose, a suspension clamp is designed to provide both mechanical and physical support to the cable. Furthermore, due to being made of galvanized iron, suspension clamps can stand the weight of these heavy conductor cables and maintain their position with the help of their excellent tensional strength and durability.

How Does Suspension Clamp Work?

Made out of a hyperbolic drum-type anti-vibration pad, the aluminum alloy preformed rods and shell, and the strap, a preformed suspension clamp is typically utilized to attach the conductor to the insulator string on the pole/tower. It could supplant the ship-type suspension clamp, including XGF and XGU. Apart from that, the suspension clamp allows the conductor to be protected at the installation load region. The conductor passes through the clamp at different angles that are suited to give the conductor proper support. Screws, bolts, and other items are used to adjust the suspension fitting better and keep the wire cable fittings stable and protected.

Features of Suspension Clamp

The suspension clamp design used for wire cable fittings comes with features that are necessary for cable installation. These features include:

  • Stress Dispersion: The fulcrum of the suspension clamp design allows for the dispersion of stress to the preformed armor rods. In return, it minimizes the static, dynamic, or both stresses of the conductor cable and improves fatigue resistance and durability.
  • Versatility: The suspension clamp varieties are ideal for various cable types, such as ABC (aerial bundled cable) cables, ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting cable) cables, and overhead lines. We will discuss these applications in the following section.
  • Protect the Cable: The suspension clamp protects the cable from damage, mainly from wind and other elements of nature, as well as slip and imbalance load through its excellent grip strength. It also enhances the anti-vibration capability of the cable.

Applications of Suspension Clamp

The suspension clamp has three significant applications, varying based on the type of cable it works with. Subsequently, it can be divided into ABC cable, ADSS cable, and overhead line.

  1. Suspension Clamp for ABC (Aerial Bundled Cable) Cable

For the ABC cable, a J hook-styled plastic suspension clamp is used. It has a casting steel bracket attached and provides the adequate durability required for the application. Additionally, the steel bracket is for hanging on the pole or tower.

  1. Suspension Clamp for ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable) Cable

The clamp used for an ADSS cable is a preformed suspension clamp and works in the same way, hanging the wire or cable vertically. Most suspension clamps for ADSS cables are suitable for high voltage power lines. In addition, the clamps are also specifically designed to protect the cable from shaking due to wind flow.

  1. Suspension Clamp for the Overhead Line

The clamps are designed of casting iron and aluminum and hang conductor cables and pole line hardware. The cables used with these clamps are either AAC (all aluminum conductor) or ACSR (aluminum conductor steel-reinforced). When used on this suspension clamp, they are wrapped around a preformed armor rod to enhance durability, making them corrosion- and abrasion-free.

Henvcon Suspension Clamp 

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Ending Notes

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