An Initiation of Water Conservation from Nercrms Under the Aegis of North Eastern Council, Ministry of Doner

New Delhi : Rajnagar is a small hamlet under Diyun Circle, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh which faced irregular supply as well as unavailability of quality drinking water. The inhabitants sourced their drinking water from a tube well and from a nearby water supply source, which were often dry during the winter season. As a result, they sourced their drinking water from a source which was located at a distance of 1.2 kilometres.

AMYAA NGO Staff’s with Rajnagar SHG members

It all started with the NERCRMS intervention through the NERCORMP Project, in which the villagers were provided with the requisite equipment, which included four ring wells for JODHA NaRMG and two ring wells for UJJAL NaRMG. The residents now have year-round access to reliable and quality drinking water.

The initiative had a positive impact which resulted into overall holistic development of the village. The villagers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to NERCRMS and to the NaRM-G for their assistance and support.

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