Alleged Wild Attack To Ships In Kalahandi,RCCF Visited The Spot

Report by Debadatta Panda; Kalahandi: After Niali of Cuttack another ship mortality case is came to lime light in Kalahandi district to which Regional chief conservator of forest has paid his visit to the spot.It was alleged that two ships of Narendra Sabar of Maharana pada under Pandigaon GP of kalampur Block in Kalahandi were killed by unknown animal at the night of last Saturday.The matter was came to the knowledge while Narendra went to the ship shed and did not find two ships.The dead body of the ships were found 6o feet distance of the shed with separated of its head from the body and it was alleged of wild attack. Narendra reported the matter to the forest authority and the Th. Rampur range Officer and his team came to the spot and tried to find out the fact.
The Veterinary Doctor was called opined that the ships are died due to some wild attack.The matter was reached at the Forest head quarter and on Monday the Regional Chief Conservertor of Forest Mr.Suresh Panth, Kalahandi South Division DFO Mr. Biswanath Nilambaram,ACF Manaranjan Kalo and other forest officials visited the spot and tried to find out the fact.
After verification of the spot and circumstantial evidence as well as the dead body separated with its head it was found that the attack may not be by any wild animal as told by the RCCF mr.Panth to the news men on the spot.Still then he assured that the fact will be found and the matter must be with close supervision by the Forest officials, he added.Mean while the owner Narendra has filed an FIR regarding death of his two ships before the Police. The matter is under investigation of Forest dept.