ALL Utkal C.T Primary Teacher’s Federation sits on Hunger strike ,District Administration and DEO have not time to heed their

Report by  Amodh Kumar Bardhan, Paralakhemundi: Gajapati Utkal C.T Primary Teacher’s Federations Odisha, Sits on hunger strike on Fifth Day.  On 26th December the Gajapati unit C.T Teacher’s federations sat on hunger strike in front of the District Education Office due to the corrupted behaviours of the DEO and Gumma BEO Sathya Narayan Prasad Nayak against the Primary Teachers alleged M.Ravi Kumar Gajapati Unit C.T Primary Teacher’s Federation President.  Mr.M.Ravi Kumar said with a mala fide Intention the Gumma BEO with consent of DEO Gajapati has banned the salary of 70 Teachers. The C.T Primary Teachers involved in the hunger strike alleged that unless our Three Charter Demands are fulfilled we will not withdraw from the Hunger strike.  District Medical Team checked the health condition of the teachers who are on Fast unto death and the sources said that the teachers condition is deteriorate, Weight is reduced, and BP is Low. Santosh Kumar Panda Gumma Block President alleged that, unless the Immediate Transfer of Gajapati DEO and Gumma BEO and Releasing the Salary of the 70 Teachers, and to make necessary changes in the Revised Assured Career Progression (RACP). The RACP supposed to be 4200 which the DEO has made 2800. CT Teacher’s Federation  District President M.Ravi Kumar said in the regard with the RACP Scheme we had earlier brought Stay Order from the High Court not to  release the scheme, However without obeying the Court order the DEO has released the RACP scheme  in his own style alleged Ravi Kumar. Lakhmi Chandra Das alleged that the District Education Officer is completely corrupted and the teachers raising the voice in a democratic way has been suspended from their Job one of the teachers alleged.  Mr. Ravi Kumar said, The District Administration and the District Education Officer are behaving as they are running the District in a Dictatorship. It’s been Fourth Day but none from the District Administration nor the District Education Officer have come to talked with us regarding the issue, However we make sure that, Until our Last breath we will fight for the Justice said M.Ravi Kumar in a Non-Violence way. General Secretary Deva Raj Jena and Lakhmi Chandra Das Active worker were present on the hunger strike.