Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India Bill 2021 passed in Parliament

New Delhi: With the passage in Rajya Sabha, Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2021 got approval of both houses of Parliament today. Earlier, on July 29, the Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha.

After the bill got passed in Parliament today, Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia thanked the MPs for their valuable feedback and support to the bill and he said, “This will prove to be a catalyst in the development of small airports and help enhance air connectivity in far-flung areas.”

The bill allows tariff determination of a ‘group of airports’ by way of amending the definition of ‘major airport.’ The bill amends the provisions of the law in relation to tariffs for single airports. The intention of the government is to develop not only the high traffic volume & profitable airports but also the low traffic volume of non-profitable airports. The revenue earned by AAI from these airports will be utilized for the development of airports in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. It would help encourage the development of smaller airports. This approach would help in the development of more airports through the PPP route thus, expanding the air connectivity to relatively remote and far-flung areas.

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