Aim to increase the purchasing power of farmers, improve their financial status: Jai Prakash Dalal, Minister, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt of Haryana

New Delhi :Mr Jai Prakash Dalal, Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Fisheries and Law & Legislative, Government of Haryana said that the state government is ready to support the farmers in whichever way they need so that the agriculture sector gains.

Addressing the ’11th Agrochemicals Conference 2022 -Policy Landscape for a Flourishing Agrochemicals Industry’, organized by FICCI, with the support of Department of Chemicals & petrochemicals and Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt of India, Mr Dalal said, “In Haryana, we have carried out innovations and are identifying each household to help farmers improve their financial status basis their skills. Our aim is to bridge the socio-economic gap.

Stressing on the overuse of chemicals and fertilizers in farming, Mr Dalal said, “The average use of chemicals and fertilizers in Punjab & Haryana is a lot more than the rest of the country. The farmers are using chemical more than the required limit.” He further urged the industry to come forward to train and educate the farmers about the right quantity of fertilizers used in farming.

Adding that the country will progress as the farmer progresses, the Minister stated, “Our aim is to increase the purchasing power of farmers and improve their financial status.” He added that the state will soon roll out a scheme to train the unemployed youth to operate drones for agriculture purpose.

Mr Susanta Kumar Purohit, Joint Secretary (Chemicals), Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Govt of India said, “The agrochemical industry plays a major role in improving agricultural land by preventing losses due to pests. The agrochemicals industry will play a major role in terms of improving productivity through increased usage of agrochemicals in a scientific manner while meeting with global standards of residue level required for agricultural exports.”

“The agrochemical industry also has the potential to directly contribute to the growth of the economy while becoming a global agro-chemical manufacturing and export hub,” he added.

Highlighting the increasing role of drones in agriculture, Mr Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of India said, “We are passionate about the drone industry, and we have to support this industry because the ultimate benefit of this lies with consumers. All the drones and UINs are listed on the Digital sky platform. Also, drone systems are given a type certificate.”

“Drone is as important a technology as the mobile phone was during its advent and the need of the hour is to embrace it,” Mr Dubey added.

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