AIIMS Bhubaneswar to resume OPD Services from 7th February


– 12,414 Patients treated in 18 Days at AIIMS Bhubaneswar despite closure of walk-in OPD

Bhubaneswar : AIIMS Bhubaneswar will resume walk-in OPD services from 7th February,2022(Monday). Assessing the COVID cases coming down in the recent past and increasing demand to open up the OPD, it has been decided to restart the Walk-In-OPD from 7th February (Monday), said AIIMS Bhubaneswar Medical Superintendent Prof. Dr. S N Mohanty. The COVID committee meeting of the National Institute discussing the decreasing trend of pandemic has decided to open up the OPD.

All the Departments have been advised to adhere COVID guidelines and the OPD schedule will be followed as before. It has also been instructed to all the departments to reserve 4-5 beds in each ward for the new admission cases (suspect). Similarly, overall routine check-ups of patients will be continued through the “AIIMS Bhubaneswar Swasthya App and Telemedicine, informed MS Dr. Mohanty. All the IPD admissions and OTs will function as before (pre covid era). The COVID Labour Room will continue to run for a week, added Dr. Mohanty.

AIIMS Bhubaneswar has received 12, 414 outpatient department (OPD) patients from 17th January to 3rd February after consulting with doctors via Telemedicine and AIIMS Bhubaneswar Swasthya App despite closure of its Walk-n OPD since 17th January in view of sudden surge of COVID-19 cases. After screening through Telemedicine and Swasthya App, those who need physical consultation are called to OPD. If required, they are being admitted in indoor facilities for treatment, said Medical Superintendent Dr. S N Mohanty. The hospital has also performed an impressive number of dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, COVID vaccination, immunisation and patient care in PAC & pain clinics despite closure of OPD services, added Dr. Mohanty. Similarly, the hospital has also been providing treatment facilities to Covid patients too.

AIIMS Bhubaneswar had closed its walk-in OPD services from January 17, 2022 for a temporary period due to considerable rise in COVID-19 situation. But it had continued the emergency Services like Day-care, Radiotherapy, Dialysis, Trauma & Emergency, Emergency & Life Saving surgery, Tele-medicine & teleconsultation service, IPD Service, COVID Vaccination service, Immunization for old registered patients (Wednesday & Friday) and Yellow Fever(Thursday), Pulmonary (vaccination RMRC), Anaesthesiology (PAC & Pain Clinic) etc as before.

It may be noted here that during the past two waves AIIMS Bhubaneswar has successfully managed both COVID and noncovid care efficiently. This time also it has taken all necessary steps to face the situation.


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