AIAMA to partner with Tripura Bamboo Mission for Bambusa Tulda production

Mumbai: All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association (AIAMA), extended their appreciation and support towards the initiatives that the Government of Tripura is planning to roll out towards Agarbathi manufacturers at the Agarbathi Investor Meet organised by the Tripura Bamboo Mission. The occasion also witnessed AIAMA deliberating and sharing suggestions to encourage bamboo sourcing by the Agarbathi manufacturers from the state of Tripura, the bottle necks that are currently prevalent and how the state can address and make a formidable raw material sourcing as well as become an Agarbathi manufacturing hub. The event was attended by more than 70 Agarbathi Manufacturers from across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


Elaborating about the event and the discussion that followed, Mr. Vijay S G, Vice President, AIAMA, said, “Bamboo (Bambusa Tulda) is the one of the critical raw material required to manufacture Agarbathies. The industry requires 5000 tonnes of bamboo sticks in a month to meet the market demand, however, currently Tripura caters to small section. There is a big demand supply mismatch owing to lack of the product availability as well as the sourcing compliance hurdles. We are glad that Tripura Bamboo Mission has come forward and is keen on creating a conducive eco-system in the state that will benefit agarbathi and its allied industries.”


“The soil and climatic conditions in the state is conducive for cultivation of Bambusa Tulda, the bamboo variety required to manufacture Agarbathies. We will extend our support in sourcing the sapling and end product as well.” added Mr. Vijay S G.


Sharing Tripura Bamboo Mission views, Mr. Rakesh Rawal, Mission Director-Tripura Bamboo Mission, said, “Agarbathi industry is a fast growing industry; it also has the potential to further create employment opportunities in our region and hence we are very keen on partnering with this industry.”


With CAGR of around 3.6% the Indian Agarbathi has been growing significantly over the years. The current retail value of the industry is around INR 7,500 crores and with a revenue of INR 1000 crores the industry is also one of the leading exporters from the county. Despite COVID-19 induced challenges like lockdowns as well as logistic hurdles, the industry has managed to maintain its sales and has been instrumental in providing gainful employment across the country.


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