Agragamee, Kashipur organized a Round Table on Agrarian issues in the context of Doubling Farmers’ Income

Bhubaneswar: Agragamee, Kashipur organized a Round Table on Agrarian issues in the context of doubling farmers’ income at Hotel Suryansh, Bhubaneswar on 26th and 27th September, 2018 , Agriculture Scientists, Policy Maker, Government Officials, Agriculture University, M.S.Swaminath Foundation, NCDS, DDS, Hyderbad, Media personal participate and discuss on current Agrarian issues where there is so much talk going on regarding doubling the Farmers’ Income within 5 years.
During the two day brainstorming meeting, discussion on Ecological agriculture vs Chemical Agriculture, Agrarian crisis on account of unsustainable use of land, water, forests and livestock, enhancing farmer income, Time frame and what policy changes has discussed in four technical session. In the first Day Mr. Aurobindo Behera, former Member, Board of Revenue and Prof. D.P.Ray, Former Vice-Chancellor, OUAT moderating the first day. While in second day Mr. Rangalal Jamuda, Chairperson, Odisha State Food Commission and Prof. Radhamohan, Eminent Environmentalist moderating the second day discussion.
Mr. Sourav Garg, Principal Secretary, Agriculture and Farmer’s Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha spoke that Govt. has taken several measures for the development of farmer and Agriculture in Odisha. And also the development of Agricultures in Odisha is appreciated. Govt. has take measure for the minimum support price for Paddy and also oil seeds and millets produce. He also shared that Govt. has taken special provisions for development of Millets in tribal areas. He shared several govt schemes for the development of farmer by the govt. of Odisha.
Mr. Pradeep K. Jena, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Water Resources, Govt. of Odisha shared that the farmers needs to change crop pattern as per the present demand of marketability . He also suggest to farmer to work in a group and give imporatn for marketability for their produce.
Prof. Radhamohan shared about uncultivated agriculture and also suggest for Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka for his natural farming . Mr. Rangalal Jamuda, Chairman, State Food Commission shared that there is need to focus on both food security and nutrition value among the farmer and tribal community.
Mrs.. Vidya Das, Joint Director, Agragamee spoke on the real issues of Tribal and tribals children, she shared that the most vulnerable tribals have leave in distress situation. The tribal who practice shifting cultivation, either govt. not support them for that The nutrition status of tribal children and rural children is quite distress. She call for a need a more critical discussion for the development of Marginal and small farmer during the discussion on doubling the farmer issues.Dr. Aurobindo Behera, shared about need of proper implementation of government schemes for the small and marginal farmers.
Mr. Achyut Das, Director, Agragamee shared the opening remark of the round table meeting, the burning issues of farmers are confronting today with the news of farmer suicides, farmer Agitations etc. Doubling the farmers income within next 5 years, there are both hopes and frustrations all around in the country. Farmers especially small and marginal farmers are getting displaced form the entire agriculture sector and preferring to be daily wage earners. The food and nutrition securities of millions of families involved in farming have been threatened.
Some of the participants suggested the reorganization of production systems through the adoption of a market-led crop geometry that will entail a shift in emphasis from common cereals such as rice and wheat to nutri-cereals, shift to horticulture, and field crops to dairy, livestock and fisheries and millets.

Among others Dr. Surya Narayan Behera, Writer and Ex. Director, Horticulutre Dr. Nagendra Ku. Mallick, Dr. Prabhu Charan Lenka, Prof. Pravat Kumar Rout, Dean, Extension Education, OUAT, Dr. Sisir Behera, Mr. Bhaskar Paricha, Dr. S.K.Day, former Vice-Chancellor, OUAT , Organic farming scientist Natabar Sarangi, Dr.. Bidyadhar Maharana, Ms. Sabaramati, Mrs. Puspanjali Sathapathy, Mr. Prasant Mohanty, NIRMAN, Mr. Debjit Sadhangi, Living Farm, Dr. S.K.Srivastava, IACR, Bhubaneswar, Mr. Natabar Khuntia, Eminent Enviroronmentist Dr. R.Gopinath, MS Swaminath Foundation, Chennai, Kailash Ch. Dangapat, Jagruti, Darigibadi and many others researcher, agriculture scientist, organic farming practioner attend the round table meeting.