Agarbathi industry ensuring livelihood to their 4 lakh employees despite COVID

Mumbai: Agarbathi industry is a labour intensive industry and the manufactures have been extending their support to the eco-system to tide over the COVID crisis stated All India Agarbathi Manufacturers Association (AIAMA). According to the association, despite the challenges the industry had provided employment to around 4 lakh people last fiscal. Out of the 4 lakh nearly 60% are in manufacturing and the others are in the support and marketing functions. 70% of the workforce in manufacturing is women.

Elaborating about the efforts of the industry, Mr. Arjun Ranga, President, AIAMA said, “As soon as COVID hit the industry, we rallied all our energies to keep the demand supply chain intact both at the domestic as well as at the export market. This push from the members of the industry coupled with the growing preference for yoga, meditation and well-being not only aided the industry to sail through the difficulties and recover fast, it also helped us to provide gainful employment to people. In many a households it was the member working in the Agarbathi industry who was supporting the rest of the family.”

“While the second wave and the resultant lockdowns have impacted the movement of goods and inputs, we are confident we will be able to continue to support the people involved in the industry.” added Mr. Arjun Ranga

Apart from being an employment generator, the industry is also taking efforts to help its talent get access to vaccines. Most of the members have rolled out an aggressive vaccination drives as well as welfare schemes to support their talent and safeguard their lives.

With CAGR of around 3.6% the Indian Agarbathi has been growing significantly over the years.  The current retail value of the industry is around INR 7,500 crores and with revenue of INR 1000 crores in exports, the industry is also one of the leading exporters from the county. Despite COVID-19 induced challenges like lockdowns as well as logistic hurdles, the industry has managed to maintain its sales. The industry has regained nearly 90% of its pre covid sales.

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