After completing 9 years India’s economy reached 3.5 trillion dollars: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that today the government is working with a systemic approach and with a mission mode. Mr Modi mentioned that in the last nine years, the poor, deprived, middle class, and every section of society can see obvious changes in their lives.

Addressing a conclave organized by a Private TV Channel in New Delhi, the pro-poor schemes of the government have brought a revolution in the country and the people who were made to feel that they were a burden on the country are now giving pace to the development. Mr Modi added that at a time when the world’s biggest economies were stuck, India came out of the crisis and is moving forward at a fast pace. He added that it took India around 60 years to become a one trillion dollar economy and by 2014, we somehow reached the 2 trillion dollar mark and after completing 9 years, the country’s economy has now reached 3.5 trillion dollars.

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