Adani Group on a mission to secure oxygen supplies from across the world

New Delhi: In the wake of the shortage of medical oxygen required for the healthy recovery of COVID-19 positive patients, the Adani Group has initiated a endeavour to secure oxygen supplies from across the world.
The first shipment of 4 ISO cryogenic tanks with 80 tons of liquid oxygen is now on its way from Dammam to Mundra port.
In addition the diversified organisation is securing 5,000 cylinders of life-saving medical grade oxygen from Linde, Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the government of Dubai and the Indian Air Force partnered with the group in securing another 12 ready-to-use cryogenic tanks to transport liquid oxygen from Dubai. The Indian Air Force is airlifting 6 of these tanks to India.
The group is also arranging additional oxygen supplies for speedy distribution in Gujarat. Every day, its workforce are filling 1,500 cylinders with medical oxygen and transporting them to wherever they are required in the Kutch district.

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