Adani fully prepays share backed promoter financing and increases equity in Ambuja Financing aggregating USD 2.65 bn

In continuation of promoters’ commitment to repay the promoter leverage, Adani
has completed full prepayment of margin linked share backed financing aggregating to USD 2.15
billion, well before committed timeline of 31 March 2023.
In addition to above, promoters have also prepaid USD 500 million facility taken for Ambuja
acquisition financing. This is in line with promoters’ commitment to increase equity contribution
and promoters have now infused USD 2.6 billion out of total acquisition value of USD 6.6 billion
for Ambuja and ACC.
The entire prepayment program of USD 2.65 billion has been completed within 6 weeks, which
testifies the strong liquidity management and access to capital at sponsor level, supplementing
the solid capital prudency adopted at all portfolio companies.

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