Adani Dhamra Port inaugurates an ILD Centre

Dhamra: Bhadrak is a coastal district where agriculture is the predominant livelihood option along with livestock rearing and pisciculture. Similar pattern of livelihood is being practiced in the immediate neighboring gram-panchayats of Adani-DPCL. Though a dense livestock population is noticed here, but it is deprived of proper livestock care against this backdrop, we had proposed to launch an integrated Livestock care and development programme in coordination with BAIF. In this context, it was proposed to undertake breed development, fodder development and enhanced the milk production. In the first stage, in April 2019 we started the programme in three Gram Panchayats namely Dosinga, Kaithkhola and Karanjmal with two operational Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) centers. 218 hybrid calves have been born to enhance milk production of mother cows. The overall objective of the project is to uplift the economic status of the rural households by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities. The specific objectives are creation of awareness among the farmers, about the socio-economic benefits by improving the local animals. We have already demonstrated 30 Hybrid Napier plots, 20 Azola Pots as a part of green fodder development.

On 14th September we inaugurated another Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) center at Bijay Patna village of Karanpalli GP which will cater service to Karanpalli, Panchutikri and Balimunda Gram Panchayats. In coming days, we will open another center at Jagula; which will cover Jagula, Dhamra and Bansada GramPanchayats. Mr. Babuli Sethi, Sarapanch, Karanpalli, Dr. Rasmi Rekha Sethi- VS, Bansada, Dr. Santosh Kumar & Pankaj Singh- BAIF were present during the inauguration programme.