Actress Jasmine Rath Shares Glimpses Of Her Journey

By N. Ankita

Nineteen years old actress & dancer Jasmine Rath is known for her roles in Sargam, Maya and several music videos.
She has completed her schooling from Prabhujee English medium school and later from Venkateswar English medium school. She’s currently enrolled in Soa University as a law student. Talking about her journey so far in the entertainment industry, she shares few glimpses with us.

Q. Tell us how have you started your career in the entertainment industry.

A. After completing my 10th board exams, I went for an audition in Zee Sarthak. The audition went quite good and the selectors even called me ‘cute’. And so I was offered a role in one of their serials named Sargam.
Before this, I also did 2 music videos but unfortunately, those videos never saw the daylight. I was a little disappointed but then fate had different plans for me.

Q. What has been the biggest turn point that has led you here? Share about your first project on Zee Sarthak.

A. ‘Sargam’ was special for me. I never expected that I would be getting so much love from everyone in my first project itself and I am grateful to Zee Sarthak for giving me Sargam. The actor people see today in me was born on the sets of Sargam.

Q. How did ‘Hela Ki Prema’ happened to you? Share your experience about the process.

A. I keep exploring things in life. Shooting for a serial is a different experience but I also wanted to gain some experience in the music video industry. People are going crazy over music videos these days. It was the decision of Smruti R (director) and the team of Amara Muzik to cast me for Hela Ki Prema and I am glad that I took the call immediately, though I was having a really hard time shooting for my ongoing serial. The video has crossed 15M views in just 4 months and it was also in the top 10 trending music videos on youtube (India).

Q. As an actress, do you go by particular character preference or do you believe in experimentation?

A. As an artist, we must experiment with different roles. That is the way we evolve. I would not like to restrict myself to limited roles.

Q. What transitions you have seen working both in music albums and television series?

A. Everything has pros and cons. Acting in a serial is way more difficult than acting in a music video. But it is more hectic too. On the other hand, shooting a music video is really fun and less hectic. So, yes I enjoy doing both.

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