Aaina, an Odisha based volunteer organization launched the 8th edition of We Care Film Festival

Bhubaneswar: Aaina, an Odisha based volunteer organization launched the 8th edition of We Care Film Festival, celebrating diversity, today at Hotel Suryansh on the theme of “Covid Pandemic and Disability”.

The launch was attended by Mr. Jitendra Kumar Biswal, a state awardee cine actor, a motivational counselor, activist who is chairing the festival committee. Mr. Subhransu Nayak, a renowned Actor and Producer of the Odia film industry and also a member of the festival committe. Mr. Subas Das, Director and Producer of Odia films and Mr. Ghasiram Panda, EC member Aaina.

We Care Film Festival 2021 will focus on documentary films based on disability issues on the theme “Covid Pandemic and Disabilities”.

Addressing the public Mr. Jitendra Kumar Biswal said, “Films are one of the most effective mediums to send out a message or create awareness among people on any issue. And Aaina, through We Care Film Fest in partnership with Brotherhood has been trying to use this medium to sensitize people on issues of disability, since 2011. While last one year has been a quite trying period for everyone throughout the world due to the Covid pandemic, the section of the society which has suffered the most are persons with disabilities. With the theme Covid Pandemic and Disability, Aaina through We Care Film Fest this year aims to bring to the fore the hardship and challenges faced by people with disabilities since last one year due to the onset of Covid-19”.

We Care Film Festival 2021 invites entries for documentary films (1 min & 5 mins) on the theme “Covid Pandemic Disability”. The contest is open to everyone – professional filmmakers, film students, amateurs, or anyone with a good idea and film making skills. Interested participants can log onto www.aaina.org.in for information on the submission of films. The last date for receiving entry for the contest is 15th March, 2021.

Mr. Subhransu Nayak said, “how these unprecedented times of Covid has deeply impacted everyone but mostly the marginalized community who are more likely to experience higher health risks due to lack of personal contact of support. People with disability have not only experienced health risks but economically too they have taken a big hit especially with the combination of the pandemic and the continued stigma they face in the society. With the pandemic a lot of new changes have come to everyone’s lifestyle what we now call the new normal but not all of those changes such as online education, work from home have transcended effectively for the specially abled people. Marginalized people have taken the maximum brunt of the pandemic with lack of social and economic resources. Their access to care and treatment has been a big challenge”.

Mr. Ghasiram Panda said, “We Care film festival is a platform for solidarity and convergence for the cause of people with disability. The festivals main motto is to create awareness amongst public about the issues faced by people with disability – the myths, the stereotypes, the misconceptions about them through the powerful platform of films and documentaries. Through these films the goal is to sensitize the mass about the need for equal rights, opportunities and equal access for the people with disabilities and to foster integration in our society. He mentioned how Aaina through We Care Film Fest in partnership with Brotherhood screens films that showcase a deeper understanding of connection with people with disability. In the past 8 years more than 200 films from across Odisha have been screened on various platforms”.