A boost to knee health is key for athletes

One of the most important body parts to any athlete is the knee; of course, it needs coordination with other body parts to be able to function as required. Athlete’s above 25 years old are the most susceptible to knee pain and associated injuries but for the betterment of careers, it is key for all sportsmen to take great care of their knees regardless of age.


In a world where athletes get to the professional levels in their early 20s, no one would want their careers to end in their mid 20s because of knee issues. Whether the athlete engages more in upper or lower body sports, the knee remains a key component by the fact that as a joint, it supports most of the body weight. This crucial support function is what also makes the knee a vulnerable part.


Experts always call for immediate attention whenever pain is felt in the knee area, and especially for athletes, and there are very well documented examples of athletes who have had to stay out of the game for long because of such injuries.


A perfect example in current times is Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk, who even had to miss the Euro 2020 finals as part of his recovery process after a knee injury. The length of time he took in the sidelines says all about how the knee is crucial.


The Dutchman’s example also shows us how, if treated well, an athlete can come back to full fitness. The defender has been part and parcel of Liverpool and the Netherlands national team this season. He is a huge part of why expert betting tips on SportyTrader have for the better part of the season backed Liverpool to prevail.


A famous line goes, prevention is better than cure, and this can well be applied in knee health where dietary supplements can be used to boost knee health and keep off the orthopedic surgeon.


Bananas are listed by experts as a top way of boosting knee health. With huge amounts of potassium, bananas limit sodium retention in the cartilage region thus prolonging the performance of the joints without overstretching them. As bananas regulate the sodium deposits, it is also important to reduce the amount of salt intake, and cooking food with ingredients that take in the sodium content from the salt, like potatoes.


Berries, spinach broccoli, ginger, garlic, apples avocados and watermelons also serve the same purpose as bananas.


A sedentary life also tampers with knee health and experts advise that walking may be low impact but works superbly in keeping lower body joints healthy. Walking not only improves the knee health, it also improves cardio endurance.


Simple stretches that have an impact on the hamstring, ankles, quads and the hip also help in keeping knee joints flexible. Repeated daily, or on a regular basis, these can be good practices to boost knee health.

Squats also come in here, but they shouldn’t be very intense to tamper with the muscles, and they should be done the right way.


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